Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Basic white sauce - microwave method

Makes 1 pint
45g flour
45g butter
1 pint milk

1) In a large glass bowl or jug add the butter and microwave for about 30-40 seconds on high until melted and slightly bubbling, remove and place milk in a seperate container in microwave for about 40 secs. (alternatively take the milk out of the fridge about 30 mins before to take the chill off)

2) In the meantime stir in the flour to the butter and whisk to form a roux (paste) remove the warm milk and add 1/3, whisk well making sure you scrape the bottom, place back in microwave for one min, remove whisk well and add another 1/3 milk, whisk well and return for a further minute, remove add last of the milk and put back in microwave, set it for 2 mins and stop as soon as it thickens should take between 1min 30 to 2 depending on wattage.

3) Remove and whisk well making sure all blended, should be thick and stiff.

Cheese sauce- add 40g grated mature cheddar and 40g mozzarela
White wine - add 1 large glass to dish, add sauce and then a splash more wine.

Makes a lovely versatile well coating sauce


  1. just done this..thanks..worked perfectly!

  2. So glad it worked perfectly for you :)


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