Monday, 30 May 2016

Tomorrow will mark one of the main reasons as to why my blog has slacked off the past year or so - I am proud to work for the NHS and tomorrow marks the 'Go Live' date for one of the biggest IT projects its seen, and one I have been very lucky and proud to be a part of it over the past 10 months! Its going to transform so many services for my Trust and really transform it for the better, not only improving patient care but improve efficiency in a lot of processes and a whole host of other things! So meal planning this week is essential, whether I stick to it is another thing but at least with what we are going to survive on is out of the way, everything else takes care of itself! I am also seeing the Dietitian soon so it needs to be full of good things, not the emergency draw noodle pots and chocolate!!

Last week I managed to stay fairly on plan, saying that it was only 3 of the 5 nights on plan but our lunches and breakfast were on plan at least! Friday night I really wanted to make the battered quorn sausages but in all honesty I was tired, still had several hours of work to do and I couldn't be faffed with deep frying so opted for easy fish fingers! If I say so myself, the wedges along side were outstanding, I took the trouble of part boiling them first, coated in rapeseed oil and a dried herb mix consisting of thyme, garlic and smoked paprika and they were most excellent! The veggies were frozen mixed veg, when cooked I tossed them in a teaspoon of EVOO mayo and a sprinkle of cheese - naughty but so nice!

As those who know me well, I hate wasting anything - and on Thursday night I used a packet of Ras Malai dessert mix (its an Indian sweet) and I had loads of the scented poaching milk leftover (think didn't boil it enough!) , I kept hold of the liquid whilst deciding what to make and the following night I used it to make baked semolina pudding, to which I jazzed up with some gloriously sweet Amarena cherries in syrup, and in a proper no waste clear the fridge purge, swirled through the last of my pot of Greek Yoghurt with honey and in the oven it went until nicely golden and fluffy - there is no way I could recreate it, but it was spot on! Comfort food in a bowl!

This week breakfasts are planned - my breakfast tomorrow is being bought for me, I have to go in to work at an ungodly hour but the rest of week will most likely be overnight oats, made up with almond milk, oats, sultana, chia and hemp seeds and some fresh raspberries.

Lunches for the next few days for me is a roasted butternut quinoa salad that I put together tonight and towards the end of the week most likely the green soup that's lurking in the freezer too long! B gets leftover Pancit (A Filipino noodle dish I made last night) and after that most likely a tuna sandwich.

Today as it was bank holiday Monday, I didn't cook and we went out with friends to the coast- I had a giant 'California' burger with avocado, cheese, bacon and a beef patty, with some rather lovely chips! I somehow managed that and two scoops of icecream too!! Probably why my jeggings feel so snug tonight perhaps?!

So for Tuesday through to Friday:

Gammon and courgette Pesto Fusilli
Tuna melt baguettes, wedges and mixed veg
Either Shashouska or Miso braised aubergines with coconut rice
Baked smoked cod fillets with Orzo and spinach
(unless I convince B he really wants to eat the puy lentils shh!!)


  1. I hope your go live has gone well. You've reminded me of the many go live dates I survived in my old life. The project may be done but I'm sure you'll have plenty of fun to look forward to - there's nothing quite as thrilling as a post implementation review.

    1. A week in and still smiling! Its my first real 'go live' situation, a mixture of fear and joy! Haha yes that will be the benefit realisation planning ;-)


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