Monday, 6 June 2016

Meal Planning Monday

Well today is Monday again. where did last week go exactly?! Oh I know - my works project Go Live! For those interested, it has gone really well and has certainly kept me out of mischief!! I am thoroughly enjoying the process and when my secondment ends they will be carting me out the office kicking and screaming!! It has been a rollercoaster and a ride I don't want to get off! Being part of the project is hugely exciting and of late has definitely boosted my interest in things in general. I've finally got my cooking mojo back! I think the reflux is on the mend and even my IBS has not been as bad and whatever that strange bug was last month has left the building! Maybe its all the sunshine that helps?!

Last week we ate very well. One real success was managing to sneak a Tofu dish into B! There was an awkward moment when he saw the empty tofu pack but I bluffed it by saying I had it for lunch!(Yeah like I ate a whole tub haha!) he does know now it did contain the Tofu and most importantly he both enjoyed it and would eat it again! I used a Jamie Oliver recipe from his 'Save with Jamie' book (that I possibly was sent a million moons ago...) It made loads and is a very economical eat! Now for the keener eyed you'll notice it wasn't on the meal plan. for some reason in my head last Thursday this dish was what I thought was on it! Teach me not to pin it on the fridge!

Friday night's dinner was a lovely end to a busy week - beautiful smoked cod fillets, simply baked with lemon and butter, atop garlic & parmesan wilted spinach and roasted cherry tomatoes with Orzo

There was baking too!

On a random whim, which to be honest is how most of my baking occurs were these yummy oat and currant cookies, I couldn't find the more traditional raisins and these mini currants fitted the bill! They took about 3 minutes to knock up and were soooo good warm from the oven with a cuppa and a catch up with my neighbour!

This one was kept a secret on my social media channels - it was a surprise birthday cake for my big brother! Its espresso and pecan - and it was delicious! Wish I had taken more home! Both cookies and cake recipe came from my ancient Baking book - It must be at least 10 years old and its my most treasured possession!

This week is planned.... though judging by today its subject to change as I ended up leaving work quite late, then a cheeky pint in the sun with B meant we only just finished dinner! (its nearly 10pm!)

Monday - Braised Miso aubergines with spinach and black bean, basmati rice
(our favourite Chinese shut down, and I am desperately trying to recreate the aubergines - they were soooooo good there!)

Tuesday - Italian style baked eggs
(I first made this back in maybe February / March time and its a firm favourite from M&S!)

Wednesday - Pesto crumbed baked Haddock fillets, veg TBC
(have a tub of pistachio crumbs which are rather nice!)

Thursday - Meatballs from the freezer with something...
(been there forever!)

Friday - possibly out for dinner...TBC!


  1. Everything sounds delicious, especially the pesto crumbed baked haddock. Hope you have had a good week x

    1. Hi Kirsty! The haddock was delicious thanks! xx


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