Monday, 9 March 2015

Meal Planning Monday

Well, well its Monday again! After the past 7 weeks juggling Monday's work, a 3 hour pain clinic and my Pilates class finally I am down to just work and Pilates. I love going to my pilates class and tonight's is well needed, after the left side of my neck being problematic thanks to the class and physio its finally behaving..and right side has decided to become jealous and also play up! I can't win sometimes it seems but on a brighter note the past few months of a black cloud hanging over me has started to disperse a little at least! 

Last week we had some really good meals - the first picture below was Friday nights Pasta with sausage, oregano and cream, adapted from a Waitrose magazine recipe -it was easy, a little bit different and most importantly delicious! The second was Saturdays' breakfast - which  will perhaps be now forever known as 'the breakfast' consisting of leftover rice, fried with garlic and our favourite Filipino soy sauce, topped with diced avocado, limed up and a sprinkle of chilli, plus two fried eggs topped with toasted sesame seeds! It may sound a little hmm okay but oh my it was simply perfect! Tasty, nourishing and it scored a 9 out of 10 the only comment was it would be a 10 if there was toast! A keeper me thinks!

And if that wasn't good enough we also ate this and more!

From Left to right:

My very first ever cooking of Salt n Pepper Crispy Squid 
Garlicky cheese stuffed mini peppers
A mountain of slow roasted Pork leg bathed in Star anise, soy and honey

We stuck fairly well to last weeks plan though some meals moved to others night and the salmon didn't get cooked as I basically forgot to thaw it, oops! This week I did a big shop, restocking the fridge and cupboards and now faced with the dilemma of what to make first! I had a root through the culled recipes from the last few months and was reminded of a lovey baked aubergine dish, so that's back on the menu after getting 3 in the market on Saturday! The gratin  thingy lists spinach but I bought cavolo nero on a whim, so will add that instead! I hope its nice!


  1. Wow - that sounds like an extremely tasty week! Enjoy!

  2. 'The breakfast' looks absolutely gorgeous and I'm very impressed by your homemade salt and pepper squid efforts, how did it go? Was it delicious? x

  3. I love the sounds of the sausage pasta and the breakfast sounds phenomenal! Just my kind of thing:)

  4. I also love the look of the sausage pasta, sounds like a great menu too :) xx


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