Monday, 2 March 2015

Meal Planning Monday W/c 02/03/15

Somehow amazing its now actually March! Spring is hopefully on its way, gently teasing us with its bright blue skies, though its not quite warm enough to abandon the gloves just yet and the daffodil stems are pushing up through the earth, whilst we eagerly await their canvas of golden hues to admire and also with them the promise of new life. I am hopeful these lighter evenings will also in turn boost my mood somewhat, the past few months have felt a little hmph, and after going through a nasty black hole of depression a few years back I think its makes one ever more aware of the warning signs, though as discussed with someone earlier today at least by recognising the warning signs its something you can act on and not wait to be swallowed up by the black hole.
To ensure I don't get swallowed up, I am making sure firstly by being honest - with everyone - maybe its a bit of an overshare on my food blog but it is an extension of me, and it feels natural to write it here.. whilst I do contemplate sometimes switching my writing priorities around but in all honesty I love food, and prefer to write about that instead! After all food is good, if not great. And Black hole is bad! I have also taken up adult colouring in as part of my therapy - its such a great distraction and I really enjoy it too which helps! This is my first finished one:
Though to start the new week, of the new month, I am pleased to report my most recent CT scan showed no-regrowth of the Thymoma that tried to end me a few years back and excitingly I am down to one further scan, in a whole 12 months time! It may not seem like much but after a few years of counting months by oncology appointments and all the worry post scan and pre-appointments means I can hopefully start to move forward, that little bit more. Today also was last session at the pain clinic, I've learned new skills to cope with the ongoing pain left behind from the whole thymoma issues, on top of the un-delight that is fibromyalgia and all I really want is to chill out but making dinner is up next and a pilates class later will finish my day off nicely!
Last weeks plan went fairly well, though the planned tuna meatballs became sausages, as after my dad complained about the previous weeks ones being furry, they were replaced without fuss and they were delicious too! The Polish sausage pasta bake was delicious but not the most attractive thing - its so hard I find to make pasta bakes pretty! The Kale pesto and artichoke spaghetti was really different but good different! I had a few issues not owning a regular food processor but between a spice grinder and blender I got there in the end and it was worth it! I wasn't overly sure if we liked artichokes or what kale slightly raw would be like but overall it was a success!

There was also a few baking sessions last week, I made some experimental cherry and almond soured cream buns which need a little tweaking but definitely something bloggable once perfected and an amazing coffee and hazelnut yoghurt cake - I will be blogging it soon! We devoured most of it last night with amaretto spiked mascarpone - was amazing but I really should exercise today as a result!!
So this week is all about balance, whilst I love cooking, my knees are evil and I find standing up for long periods cooking are not always the best thing for them, so I have tried to plan some simple but tasty dishes! Also raiding the freezer a little too! We might also go out one night to friends so that night may completely change! Either way its also a cheap week as car is going to the garage at the weekend for various repairs!
Fish goujons, with new potatoes and broccoli
Bacon and egg mini tarts with roasted potatoes, more broccoli!
Meatballs and spaghetti
Salmon fillets with noodles and stir fried vegetables
Aubergine Katsu curry and basmati rice
Happy eating everyone!


  1. Congratulations on your scan result - it must feel like a huge relief, not to mention the joy of not having to go again for a whole year! Heres hoping for a good spring and summer this year - we all feel better for a bit of sunshine.

  2. That's fantastic news about your scan.I love the sound of the cherry and almond buns and shall keep my eyes open for them! Have a good week


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