Monday, 9 February 2015

Meal Planning Monday

Last weeks plan became merely that - a plan! After spending what felt like forever deciding what to put on the actual meal plan, Monday nights noodles became cappellini pasta instead, and I omitted the peanuts and added the last wedge of Huntsman blue stilton I found hiding in some foil. At least it used up the mushrooms! Tuesday looked promising and it actually did fit the plan - Chorizo, Mozzarella Gnocchi bake with Garlicky greens - and it was delicious! Like a giant cheesy tomato spicy meaty potato heaven with fresh garlic spiked greens and courgettes - recipe to follow!

After that it was kinda downhill ... Wednesday became a takeaway - my fibro flared and my hands felt like they were clutching balls of hot coals, just to add the left shoulder/ neck/ arm also being slightly argumentativie - though I wont deny I rather enjoyed my naughty kebab n chips! We opted to share a small portion this time with a nod to being a bit more healthier but they still managed to give us a giant portion oops! Plus who can really say no to hot salty chips?!
Thursdays veggie burgers became dust as when my boyfriend popped out to get the kebab he also picked up a rather tasty Maple Bacon quiche for 35p so that became dinner! Friday night neither of us fancied the frittata, and weirdly neither us of felt hungry and pretty much just nibbled on prawn crackers all night! Not the healthiest of weeks!!

So this week I have come up with a plan, whilst I had already started it the previous week my dad had bought over some bits n bobs so I've adjusted things slightly, most meals will be doubled up for leftovers.. and of course its Valentines on Saturday! I have not fully decided ours - we might pick up one the supermarket meal deals and relax instead! Have you got anything special planned?

Cheese n bacon pasta bake with greens

Chorizo and pepper One pot Rice

Bratwurst casserole

Lentil filled pasta shells baked in tomato sauce, with roasted coconut squash

Meatballs and spaghetti


  1. Sounds like you have a lovely week planned!

  2. That gnocchi sounds like my idea of heaven - can't wait for the recipe!

  3. Lovely meal plan, the cheese and bacon pasta sounds awesome, gotta love a cheeky cheese and bacon combo!


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