Monday, 16 February 2015

Meal Planning Monday

Monday has come around so fast and has been so full! Me and a girlfriend went to the cinema, also had a cheeky pint in the pub beforehand which is always good! Also I am up to week 5 of my Pain Management course, which has also flown by and hopefully I am learning a few things along the way. One is not to be in denial, so when I decided to not look where I was going on Friday and fall over a sofa in reception I have openly now laughed about it and been reassured I am not the only one to fall over in public. It makes me feel human again.

Feeling human is also very food based, for me at least anyway! Rating good food is so important to both physical and mental health and sometimes I can let go of my reins and relax a little more in the kitchen. Obviously unless you were hiding under a rock Saturday just gone was Valentines Day - and it was a lovely relaxing one too. Breakfast involved assisting my dear friend C as her sous chef as we created a Filipino breakfast called Tapsilog -lots of lovely garlic fried rice - afterall what is more romantic than frying 8 clove of garlic on a Saturday morning - (thank god for dry shampoo that smells of coconut) -along with tasty strips of beef and a fried egg - it was delicious!
Then dinner was so flexible I am surprised we cooked at all! At the last minute we were going to visit our favourite Chinese but as I'd already thawed the sausages we ended up staying in and cracking open a bottle of bubbly we were given for Christmas! We had our favourite shared starter - spicy avocado toasts, then had some lovely heart shaped sausages called Peck, along with homemade crispy red onion rings, petit pois, roasted cherry tomatoes and roasted new potatoes. Pudding became two custard doughnuts we bought - I felt like I should of baked but if I had, then we wouldn't of had our lovely walk through Eton and a shivery stroll around Windsor together. Life's all about balance at the end of the day, maybe I am learning afterall?
Anyway enough of my ramblings, despite never really celebrating Shrove Tuesday on a random whim we've invited family over to join us for dinner. My dad bought over last week a joint of smoked ham which I think will work nicely...Pancakes are scary business when you have horrible batter history but I feel fairly confident about them...! Last week went a little off plan as the butternut squash is still hiding in the fridge - this week it will get used! Oh and we didn't eat the planned meatballs either last week as I forgot to thaw the mince, oops!
Salmon with noodles and veggies
Baked pancakes filled with smoked ham and cheese
Squash falafel with red rice
Smoked mackerel with jacket potatoes and salad
Meatballs and Spaghetti
Have a good week everyone!

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