Monday, 12 January 2015

Meal Planning Monday W/c: 12/01/15

Last week flew by - the week started fairly well and I finished playing post Christmas catch up with the filing pile but then I picked up the delightful cold that was doing the rounds at work, which left me sneezing approximately every 30 seconds and feeling pretty eurgh and worn out by the weekend, with little desire to cook! Fortunately its nearly reaching its end and I am trying to be positive that its a brand new week and I no longer need to be within half a metre of a tissue box!
As a result last weeks meal plan went a little off key towards the end of the week - Mondays Smoked salmon pasta was really lovely even if the salmon alone was a small fortune for January it was worth it! Tuesdays casserole with the Bratwurst, root vegetables and kale was so tasty - I posted the recipe over the weekend and its been surprisingly popular! I used to really not 'get' kale but after a challenge last year I now love the stuff -its full of goodness and cooked right its quite the super-veg! I had ended up inviting my dad over for dinner at the last minute, so sadly no leftovers either for Wednesday night! Nothing was thawed and we had to pop out and get milk and we ended up buying a fiery but tasty fancy roquito pepper and pepperoni pizza, reduced to £1.49 from £5.00 - I do love a bargain! Thursdays meal got shifted to Friday with a different sauce using up scraps of cream and ham, and instead we had ribs reduced from the hot counter and some leftover new potatoes, fried up with some courgettes. I was so full of cold I didn't want to go near the kitchen and it was purely fuel to keep me going!
Naughty but nice Pizza
This week, after last weeks splurges owing to my ill head I making a more focused attack on the freezer - I was discussing the impending week ahead and needing to meal plan, in order to pretend to be organised with my boyfriend and he came up with some good suggestions but not using up any of fresh stuff! I have taken his ideas though on board and moved them around a little! Not entirely sure what I might bake this week - though thinking of using an old recipe of mine for Carrot and Parsnip tea loaf if I get the time! Last week I made a very naughty Sticky toffee and orange pudding - will blog the recipe soon!
We had a lush fresh Tuna dish a few weeks back at friends and I am hoping to make it on Friday night - I picked up the tuna steaks for 45p yellow stickered last week and I squirreled away to the freezer waiting them fate! I think its one of my best 'posh' reductions to date! Tuesdays curry is a bit of a cheat - I admit I am using a ready made sauce but its a really tasty one and means I have time to make a pudding instead! The quiche for Wednesday was also a reduction - a whole 22p!
  Southern fried chicken burger, wedges and salad
Butter Chicken thigh curry, pilau rice, naan bread, garlic fried kale and courgettes
Bacon and Leek quiche, salad
Mackerel and kale couscous or Mackerel meatballs with kale risotto
Sesame crusted Tuna steaks, fried udon noodles or coconut rice, petit pois 

I normally do our meal plan on the pc in excel but my boyfriend has asked if we can put it up on some kind of whiteboard- and I am curious as to how others display their plans?


  1. I love a good yellow sticker bargain, sounds like you have had a fruitful week! I have never thought of displaying my meal plan in the house but that's a good idea. Especially so the kids can see x

  2. Everything sounds delicious! I do like the sound of the Tuna! Have a great week x

  3. What a tasty looking menu..especially like the southern fried chicken burger. I'd love to try kale, in need of a few super foods this year :) xx

  4. I do love a good bargain, my 3 daughters are very good 'Yellow Sticker Hunters' and using up what is in the freezer is a great meal planning motivator. I love the sound of the Mackerel and Tuna nights :)

  5. Sometimes, a cheeky midweek pizza is just what the Dr ordered!x

  6. Sounds amazing :) I'm not usually a fan of kale, but garlic fried kale sounds lovely. My meal plan is on note pad paper, stuck on the fridge with a magnet. More often than not though the magnet and meal plan have gone wandering and I have to refer back to my blog!


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