Friday, 22 November 2013

His and Her's Advent Calenders from M&S

Sorry if you are not quite ready for the 'C' word just yet but in bloggerville we start early - I started getting Christmassy themed emails and attended press shows back in July has been very surreal... however along with lots of other emails, I get the odd email from M&S and recently spotted their upcoming Advent Calenders – and they had a Hello Kitty one! I don’t care if I am a fully grown adult of ahem, 31, but I love Hello Kitty. And Chocolate. And I am rather partial to Christmas… so…. Of course I had to have one! And fortunately M&S were very obliging so roll on the 1st of December! Oh actually the 2nd as of course I had to 'test' it for you.. Its been years since both of us had an advent calender its like reverting to our childhoods!

I had spotted cheaper versions of the Hello Kitty one in discount stores but consider the cheaper advent calenders chocolate cheap and a bit nasty so this is a nice, grown up treat! This is my Advent Calender:

And on the inside - a little snowman..I as kinda hoping for a cat but I guess a snowman is more festive! The chocolate is fairly standard milky one, I do prefer something a bit darker but think milk chocolate is more popular! Will be a nice treat between the 2nd and 25th of December anyway! I love the design of my calender, its gorgeously festive red and has pride of place on top of the fridge.

Of course, there are two of us here, and B would not be as impressed with Hello Kitty so very kindly he has also from M&S a really quite awesome 'Where’s Wally' one! I have found Wally! But B hasn’t yet…
Its behind you!! :-D
Behind each window is not only chocolate but something to find to! Slight calendar envy now writing this but I do adore my one. Its so much fun just trying to find the ‘1’ we were both searching for ages! Inside was same as mine - a chocolate snowman, though B is much more a milk fan than me so its perfect for him!

Both calenders retail at £2.50 and are available in stores now.

Thanks to M&S and Julie at Grayling. This post was not sponsored and I was provided with both calenders free of charge for my review which is unbiased. All opinions and photography remain the property of Anne's Kitchen.

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