Monday, 4 November 2013

Here comes Monday..with its Meal Plan!

Hello All....I was planning originally to post another recipe type post, but then realised Monday had come around again, honestly there are just too many of them to fit around other blogging don't you find?!.. So that post will wait until tomorrow, maybe Wednesday as I am in the process of attempting to book a bank shift tomorrow..we shall see! Always nice to have extra pennies for December..

And talking of December, is it to early to mention the C word? No? Excellent... I bought some gorgeous new sprinkles last week to adorn all sorts of festive treats with!

This weeks' plan see's a regular suspect...the ubiquitous Fish Fingers! Seriously, the pack remains in the freezer unopened - they were a yellow sticker special - 30 for £1.50 and Omega 3 enhanced, no less. They appear again but who know's whether they will escape their frozen lair.....we also have a new house share person, which as a friend kindly put 'it sounds like Eastenders around there' so the future shall no doubt be interesting......

Monday - tonight we are going out for a Chinese, for a family celebration

Tuesday - Most likely sweet potato burgers

Wednesday - The frozen fishy fiends..

Thursday - Sundried Tomato and Pesto Frittata 

Friday - Bruce is out for dinner..I am on a long day..most likely noodles or omelette

Saturday - Slow braised pork shoulder Chinese style, with rice

Sunday - Leftover pork shredded into noodles

As always - my plan is sent over to Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday

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  1. Ohh lovely! Sounds like you have a lot of tasty meals planned x


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