Saturday, 11 February 2012

For the love of omelettes..

I had planned my next posting to be different to this but my home internets gone awol and I am using my phone to blog! Which is interesting...

The post was to be a rather simple yet delicious recipe from the new weight watchers book I recently ran a competition with, and its for on omelette. However being that the post is all typed up and ready, I am not about to retype it all! The nice people at hotel chocolat also sent me some rather lovely Valentine chocolate hearts filled with heavenly praline, raspberry, caramel and chilli (not tried the last yet!) And some caramel lips mm! I am very lucky that this year I don't have to share and plan to devour them all one by one.. I added some pictures recently to my Facebook page so check that out for pictures!

And so also because I've been slacking lately with both posting and visiting other blogs I wanted to just check in and let you know I'm still around! My studying however is pretty full on right now so please do bear with me until after my upcoming exams!

Tonight I had planned something else, but typically didn't fancy it - and so dinner became what has become a regular fallback meal for me - an omelette! Tonights was rather delicious, I added wilted spinach, 1/4 of an orange pepper that needed using up and a little grated, and rather delicious 'coastal cheddar' my dad recently bought over. Thanks dad!

And with them becoming my very frequent, and favourite quick dinner, I want to know what your favourite filling is or what you do to make them special?


  1. cheese and ham.. all the way!... divine x

  2. My favourite filling is diced onion, red in preference but white'll do fine.

    Simple but, I just adore it.

    Mushrooms two, but only if there are also onions.

    Not a fan of cheese in omelettes, though husband loves it.

    Other than that, prefer not to have too much in mine...

  3. I LOVE omelettes and for me the filling has to be cheese and onion!

  4. Oooh cheese and ham sounds like a winner Dom!

    Kavey and Karen - onions are popular choice! Will have to try it next time, especially like the sound of red!


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