Monday, 23 January 2012

Meal Planning Monday w/c 23.01.2012

I keep meaning to take part in this but either remember it on the Wednesday or completely forget! Over the past few months, what with moving house, twice, starting college of an evening, working full time shifts and nowadays just cooking for one, meal planning is both an essential but also a frustrating battle at times! Getting to blog even has been a challenge!

For example I had planned out all of last weeks menu, in fact a fortnights worth but then midweek got a cancellation appointment at the hospital and found myself the next morning closing my eyes and humming to myself 'find a happy place find a happy place find a happy place' as I had two teeth taken out, one on each side of mouth. Nice. Eating has been fun but I've been inventive with soft foods, including a delicious barley and swede soup, semolina pudding for the first time from scratch and celery soup...

This week the gums are a little less sore, but still not quite on solids so have re-jigged everything to as follows, though still subject to change if I change my mind!

Monday - Mushroom, spinach and coconut dal with carrot & sultana salad, cucumber raita (was lush)

Tuesday - leftovers from Monday night

Wednesday - late dinner will probably be soup, however lunch will be roasted pepper orzo with cheese and salad leaves, chopped very small

Thursday and Friday - Pea and pancetta risotto

Saturday - Cod mornay, new potatoes and brussel sprouts

Sunday - Rest of potatoes, beetroot and peas in honey and mustard dressing, parsley fishcakes


  1. That dal sounds lovely. You must post that! Or have you already? Checking now. You need a recipe index lady! You do know I posted an easy code for one.

    I am going to be thinking about that dal all day now.

  2. Oh cod mornay. I might have to make this soon!

    Thanks for joining in.


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