Monday, 30 January 2012

Meal Planning Monday

Wow, its my second week I've remembered to submit my post over to the lovely At home with Mrs M's blog!
Last week has just flown by I managed to stick to most of the plan, with the odd tweaks. Meals got moved around and I ended up falling prey to shopping on an empty stomach on night but fortunately managed to at least avoid the reduced baked goods section for once! And I did get a bargain pack of organic bacon marked down to 70p which was squirreled into the freezer, so not all bad..also had a naughty but nice Chinese takeaway, though my excuse was doing night shifts I would burn it off haha. And whilst my gums have healed well, im still on softer food and next week’s menu takes it into account…oh for crusty bread!

The cod mornay was about the only thing that didn’t get eaten. I had planned it right up to ahem, taking the box out of the freezer (shh!) and promptly realised it was a whole dish and served two – I have a good appetite but wasn’t going to happen, so has been rainchecked for another day. Note to next guest I invite around, you will be having cod mornay ;-)

As requested by Jac, I will post up very soon my recipe from Monday nights spinach, mushroom and coconut dal! Was lush!

Finally whilst I do like to have pudding or something sweet after a meal, some are just too big to bother making just for me, so I’ve been very inventive this week! One night I mixed natural yoghurt with almond extract and honey, then spooned over some plump dried figs, then sprinkled with a little brown sugar. Another night saw rice pudding heated up with mini daim bars in! Tuesday night I perfected semolina pudding, something I had normally bought tinned …but I had a bag bought on a random whim of semolina, and completely made it up as I went along – semolina, milk and splenda (I‘ve run out of sugar and I’m not buying any until the splenda has gone!) then finished off with the last scrapings of a jar of mincemeat. It does not photograph well, so I will not be blogging it any time soon! And last but not least was my favourite - tinned sliced peaches, topped with more natural yoghurt and a bashed up plain chocolate digestive! A far cry from my recent cooking at a two star Michelin restaurant but just as delicious!

So on to week commencing 30th January.... This weeks meal plan is subject to change, as always! As I write this, our boiler went over the weekend, so no hot water, I am too lazy to keep boiling kettle so some dishes will be subbed for minimal washing up ones! I’ve done my shopping, all I need is milk this week. She says…

I have a mixture of shifts this week, and just finished nights so am all over the place! Amazing how eating chocolate biscuits at 3.40am feels so right ...

Monday – last of some Jamie Oliver fishcake's I bought on offer from the freezer, served with new potatoes courtesy of my brother, and peas. I think will make some spiced carrot and lentil soup too, as I got a huge bag of carrots in the market for a pound on Friday! Will see how I feel when I wake up!

Tuesday will be a nice simple cheese omelette, based on a Weight Watchers recipe, with last of the potatoes fried off and some beetroot that needs eating up. Think will make another batch of semolina pudding for afters…

Wednesday is the most subject to change, my dad is possibly coming around for dinner, and if so will be bringing some sausages from a good butchers near him. If so having them potentially with sprouts, orzo and roasted peppers. Depending on hot water situation, I might also bake something... I received some gorgeous smelling bitter almond essence from Bakery bits just before Christmas, so must try something other than stirring into yoghurt!

Thursday is battered fish fingers (guilty pleasure!), peas and pasta. Though may well change mind before then!

Friday one of my favourite lunches – tuna and chickpea pesto pasta – will be a big pot as on a late shift. If peckish later on will have a quick cup of vegetable bouillon with some noodles thrown in.

Saturday I might be out…if not will be a vegetable burger. I have no shame in admitting that I adore Birds Eye vegetable quarter pounders and handy stashed in freezer for emergencies! Will be served with whatever veg either needs using up or most likely more peas!

Sunday – possibly still out…if not planning to make a chicken and mushroom fricassee served with wild rice. If I’m in all day planning to bake a cheese, caramelized onion and bacon tart, which will last me a couple of meals into the following week…

Have a good week everyone!



  1. Good God! Daim bars in rice pudding? This I HAVE to try!

    Your menu plan for the week sounds wonderful :)

  2. Catherine - if you think Daim sounds like fun wait to you try it with mingles in!!


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