Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Amaretti Kisses with Hot Chocolate Cherry Sauce

Okay I will be honest the kisses whilst delicious, didn't quite look as presentable as I’d planned in my head or notebook. Yes I do agree they look *slightly* like chicken goujons. Though fortunately do not taste anything like them! However the sauce is ohmigod unbelievably simple but omigod soo soo good! It will change your life.

The Hot Chocolate Cherry sauce is most definitely the best dessert sauce I have ever made. A thing of greatness. Post filming of this recipe saw both me and my brother, and also excellent cameraman very un-elegantly devour the remaining sauce, along with making a second batch of the kisses mixture for dipping into. This is also why I didn't manage to take a picture of the finished dish as greed took over!

Its got a real ‘naughty treat’ feeling! Its also ready in less than ten minutes, which is either very dangerous or very good? I can imagine it being rather lush served over vanilla icecream. Or just secretly with a spoon when you are alone.

As most of you will know I am a complete chocoholic and whilst I can be fussy when it comes to choosing, I am not fussy on price and will pay for what I like. For this recipe its best not to crack out your finest stuff bought for best – I used Sainsburys basics dark chocolate, which was surprisingly edible and for a meagre 30p per bar was absolutely perfect for the sauce. 

This recipe is also the final in my video’s for Russell Hobbs, you can vote for this recipe on this link! Many thanks to all who voted so far and I hope they didn’t put you off visiting my blog! You can check out my other three here and there is still time to vote if you like them - all you have to do is click on the 'like' bit underneath the video:

I would like to give a special thanks to the lovely Agata at Manning Gottlieb OMD who has been a great help at times during the last four challenging weeks! Also a big thanks to Russell Hobbs for inviting me to take part and getting to play with lots of your lovely shiny kitchen stuff!

This weeks theme was 'freestyle' and I chose to play with the 3-in-1 Hand blender. Its a great piece of multi-tasking kit, and my favourite out of all the Allure range. As well as making this recipe, I've also used it for lots of other kitchen jobs and have been very pleased with its performace. If you have a small kitchen and are considering a multi-tasking tool then I would highly recommend this, as it will cover most of your mixing, chopping and blending jobs, with ease. 


Serves 2
Under 10 minutes 

½ Tin pitted black cherries in juice
25g Dark chocolate, broken up
1 tbsp Disaronno liqueur (amaretto)

Amaretti Kisses:
100g Ricotta
50g Double cream
20g Icing sugar
8 Amaretti biscuits (Doria brand are ideal)

Firstly, drain the cherries reserving the juice. Place 75g of cherries in a bowl, and 100ml of the juice in a small pan, place on a medium heat

Meanwhile blitz the amaretti in the Allure chopper attachment to thick crumbs and lay on a plate. Add the drained cherries to the chopper attachment and blitz to a thick mixture, stir into the bubbling cherry juice.

Put the double cream in the Allure beaker, whisk briefly using the whisk attachment until just thickened, add the ricotta and icing sugar, and whisk briefly until creamy and thick, being careful not to get into butter territory! Use two dessert spoons to very carefully shape into quenelles, roll carefully in the crumbs and place on your serving dish

Stir the disaronno into the bubbling cherry mixture and cook for a further two minutes. Remove from the heat and stir in the chocolate. Allow to melt then serve in little bowls, alongside the Amaretti kisses.


You can see my video also via Youtube:

Sorry again about awful picture - as mentioned above, greed took its hold and so this is taken from the video!


  1. I reckon this is probably very dangerous indeed. A very nice dangerous, though, which is the best kind.

  2. The bag of Doria got my attention: I like their Bucaneve and Atene cookies. I know, they are not what you needed here, but I could not resist. Greed happens, especially with dessert.

  3. That does sound good, and that is one serious looking blender!


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