Monday, 14 March 2011

Trifle Trouble for Comic Relief!

Red nose day is on Friday 18th March, and this year Sainsbury's staff have been very busy getting silly, to help raise money for Comic Relief and capturing it all on film. The more Red Noses that Sainsbury's sell, the more silly films they will release. So don't forget to buy your Red Nose now and see what further silliness they get up to!

You can see a very messy Customer Services Manager Brenda on the video below, attempting to make the worlds fastest trifle, whilst being driven around in racing track in a high speed car! I think I would be scared enough just being in the car, yet alone attempting to make a trifle!

Red Nose day helps to raise funds to support those living in difficult circumstances both in the UK and Africa.  You can see the difference that it has made to peoples lives on this link

If you want to help raise money for Comic Relief 2011, you can find lots of funny ideas to help you along, including several food related ones - why not try holding a scrumptious bake sale for your colleagues or even having a baked bean bath! 

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