Monday, 7 March 2011

Bulghar Wheat with pesto

This was my delicious easy lunch today, firstly cover 75g bulghar wheat with boiling water, cover and allow to 'cook'.

Meanwhile quickly pan fry in olive oil 4 sliced white mushrooms with a little diced onion until golden, stir in a heaped tbsp of your favourite pesto (I used a roasted vegetable one) and some sliced green olives, add the cooked wheat, stir through fresh coriander leaves and season with black pepper, decant into your favourite bowl and grab a fork :)

I had planned to finally use a jar of roasted aubergines with it but on opening, and tasting I quickly abandoned the idea! Have popped it in the fridge but think they will be going in the bin unless someone has a better suggestion?! They are kind of smokey and very soft...

I am also testing my new phones Blogger function so no idea how this will appear!


  1. That looks like an awesomely appetizing entree - Would love to try this - bookmarking! My Indian dish today is kind of an extension or counter part, if you will, of a similar preparation.


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