Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Previously on the menu..

No real recipes here just the best of what I've been making lately from the cupboards etc, its my birthday later this week so not much cooking going on here!

First up are these delicious Gluten and Wheat free onion bhajis, same batter as my recipe for the scrummy aubergine ones I recently made, thinly slice an onion, soak in a little soured milk, coat in the batter and fry for 5-6 minutes or until cooked through:

Next up, we recently had some leftover cooked roast chicken, which I mixed with a little cooked red onion, wilted spinach and red pesto, stuffed into puff pastry squares and glazed with beaten egg, unusual main course and delicious use of leftovers!:

This is one of my new favourite things to eat - Chorizo & little gem risotto, using raw chorizo sausage, gently baked, sliced up then added to a risotto base when halfway cooked, plus half a tin of leftover sweetcorn! (I got into the habit of adding crunchy lettuce to my risottos a while back, gives a nice crunch, romaine works well too!)

This is an awful picture so will just have to make again! It is the last piece of Chocolate fudge pudding from one of my many baking books, rice, moist and more coffee than fudgy sauce but still good!

On a healthier note, my fridge salad surprise lunch- ripe avocado, chopped tomatoes, mixed salad leaves, fresh coriander and basil shredded up, chestnut mushrooms, a few drops hot sauce and good balsamic vinegar, eaten alongside reading the latest Olive magazine:

Tomato, smoked bacon, red onion and cheese tart, a nice light supper with a salad:

Tuna, red onion and cheese flan (super puffed up when fresh out of the oven but sadly sinks after, still tasty though!):

Tomato, herb, spring onion and sausage omelette:

Last but not least, jaffa fairy marble cakes topped with orange syrup and a little dusting of icing sugar:


  1. That's a great selection Anne! That pastry & chicken parcel looks super tasty!!

    Katie xox

  2. You have been busy Anne making all of those wonderful dishes.
    Jaffa Fairy Marble Cakes would be my choice!

  3. Great stuff, love the puff pastry stuffed with all those lovely things.

  4. Amazing feast! It's made me hungry now! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Picture 2 looks delicious.


  6. Funnily enough, I liked the sound of that fudgy chocolate pudding.

  7. Thanks all! :)

    Katie - the chicken pastry was surprisingly succesful use of fridge and freezer surprises! Very tasty too!

    Margaret - the cakes didn't hang around long, will definately make again!

    Beth - Busy but just manageable, is a struggle with shift patterns to cook decently at times!

    Janice - It was very good, a nice twist on pastry bakes!

    Catherine - glad to be of service! ;-)

    Nisrine - I think the pastry experiment is definately a keeper!

    Choclette - really..I didn't have you down as a chocolate lover..lol! ;-) Tasted much better than it looked!


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