Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Nectarine, prosciuttio & mozzarella salad

This is more assembly of very lovely ingredients than actual cooking but I wanted to share it with you all.

I made this on Sunday as a starter for Mothers Day meal and after an amusing incident when mum mistook the pine nuts as lemon pips, it went down very well!

Its lovely, easy to assemble, light and summery, you can find the recipe here at bbc good food. Their's is made with peaches but I could only find nectarines which were semi-ripe upon eating, following 4 days on our windowsill, though I don't think you would want them too soft for this dish anyway!


  1. Yum! I love nectarines and proscuitto. Food like this is so good to serve when people come over because its impressive but really simple. Always makes me feel quietly smug!

  2. Is it summer?
    He he he, to your mum though. How quaint.

    That's a pretty looking salad, Anne

  3. Looks good and very healthy! Nicely presented, Anne! Found the story about your mum and the "lemon pips" amusing; )Bless her!

  4. Am going to have start salad type stuff food as if I eat any more winterycomforst food I will never get into my wedding dress!
    Will begin with this one, lemon pips included - Jamie does a good version too. Although he uses pine nuts! ;)

  5. Helen - you are so right, took less than 5 minutes to assemble and looked great and was well received!

    Gill - I think for a brief slot on Sunday Summer almost poked its head through the clouds!

    Tracey - It was so funny watching her face as she picked them all out! Mum was very wary of them!

    Merlotti - I keep trying to make salad but the other half hates salad, dinner times can be fun! I'm a bridesmaid in June and keep putting off the dress fittings as winter is still on my hips ;-)


  6. Most impressive, fast and perfect for the glorious weather we've had of late.
    Nice photo Anne!

  7. I can picture myself, sitting out in the warm weather eating a huge plateful of this wonderful salad.

  8. Anne, what a yummy salad!! I'm definitely going to try this.



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