Monday, 16 March 2009

Back from Amsterdam

I am now home sweet home, and seriously thinking about salad after 4 days away involving lots of bread and cheese! Chips are definitely not on the menu here this week either!

As I type, the sun is streaming through the window, an old Masterchef is on TV and I have a pile of cookery books lined up, trying to decide what to cook this week! Really struggling to decide though, am hoping Jamie will inspire me shortly as I need to go food shopping!

I also phoned the office first thing and told them I would be back tomorrow instead, not that I can really blame jetlag as the flight was only 50 minutes! The sunshine was too tempting to resist!
Whilst in Amsterdam, I couldn't resist going in a select few kitchen shops whilst there and picked up these cake decorations; dark chocolate coated coffee beans, multicoloured chocolate drops, the cutest bunnies ever and Easter sprinkles!

Unfortunately to poor lighting and a not so great camera, a lot of the food pictures didnt come out very well, so not many to show here!
Hot, sweet peppers stuffed with fresh cheese we had in a Mexican Steakhouse...spicy little bombs that were weirdly addictive!

Inside the Heineken brewery, we got to try some barley liquid which tastes very strange, a little like rice crispies in liquid form!

Random pictures of central Amsterdam:

Mozzarella fingers with sweet chilli sauce, lovely gooey centre with crispy outer:

My friends chocolate pancake, it was huge!

One of the many canals!

My new friend Mikey, he took a shine to me in a bar and spent the evening on my lap. He obviously gets fed well as he weighed a tonne!

Steak and chips, perfectly cooked to pink:

A window to drool over:

More sightseeing:

Our interesting 'snack' courtesy of KLM. Both rolls were similar to brioche, though less sweet, one contained mascarpone with a hint of lemon, interesting but edible, the second I didn't eat as was cheese and mayo, which is not my cup of tea!

Our huge breakfast at Heathrow Airport, was an early start so needed something hot and filling!


  1. Love the photos, Anne especially the cute bunny cake decorations!Looks like you had a good time ;) I didn´t make it to the Heineken brewery when I was in Amsterdam but no great loss as don´t like beer!

  2. What a blast you've had while away Anne! I just love those photo's and reading all about your travels. Cute sprinkles too!!

  3. Nice photos! and those decorations are so so cute :)

  4. welcome home, Anne.
    Those mozzarella fingers look good, if a tad difficult to recreate!

  5. I'd love to go back to Amsterdam one day and your lovely photos have whetted my appetite (in more ways than one!)
    Love the bunnies too!

  6. Hi Anne, glad to hear you had a great time in AMS!!! It's a great city to visit!

  7. A gift shop full of cheese?

    *packs case and books flight*

    That's the most tempting thing i've ever seen! The money I'd spend in there :D

    Katie xox

  8. It all looks good, especially those mozzarella fingers they sound amazing!

  9. I'm liking your new photo on your profile Anne.

  10. Great to see what a wonderful time you had! All that shopping sounds like my idea of heaven!

  11. Those Mozzarella fingers look great. Agree with Gill your new pic is great.

  12. Lovely sprinkles and lots of fabulous photo's for us all to look at. Pleased that you had a great time.

  13. Ah, Amsterdam. I went when I was 16 and don't remember an awful lot (ahem) but I do remember mammoth pancakes!

  14. Thanks for all your kind comments, I can't believe we have already been back a week!

    The mozzarela fingers were of the frozen variety but delicious all the same! :)


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