Friday, 27 March 2009

Dusting off the icing bag!

For Christmas I asked for an icing set and received a neat little set from Tala, and finally have put it to use 3 months later!

Growing up my mum always made my birthday cakes, from beautiful fairy castles complete with ice cone turrets (that my uncle sawed off much to mum's horror!) to the cat shaped cake which took the best part of mums afternoon to pipe buttercream all over!

Last year I kept it simple with a lovely coconut sponge cake but decided this year I wanted to make something more special and challenge myself......I made a 23cm vanilla sponge, sandwiched together with good strawberry jam....and so 2 hours later, 48 petals individually cut and hands dyed between varying shades of green and pink this is the result!

I still have a lot to learn but am pretty pleased with the result and mum loved it, which makes it all worthwhile :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your lucky Mum! Cake looks wonderful!

  2. What a pretty cake! I love the flowers. I'm not very good at cake decorating, I need to practice more often :)

  3. It looks great Anne! I bet your mum was really chuffed when you produced it :)

  4. It's so sweet of you to make your own cake and yours look so gorgeous!

  5. Good job with the icing, it looks great!

  6. What a lovely cake - I bet your mum loved it! Your flowers are very pretty.

  7. Hi Anne! The cake looks gorgeous-you did a v good job, you should be proud of yourself! I bet your Mum was pleased!

  8. Anne, your cake turned out really pretty! Hope your mum had a great birthday.


  9. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments, Mum loved the cake, I got a thank you card from her yesterday which was really sweet :)


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