Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Getting into the Christmas Spirit - Cranberry Vodka

I know, I know, I promised myself no mention of the C word until 1st December but I just couldn't wait any longer!

Last night, in preparation for the Christmas season, I finally got around to making Cranberry vodka. Admittedly it says to wait six weeks* but I didn't see that in the book till the other day, oops! Hopefully it will be ready to drink on New Years Eve, it already is a gorgeous ruby red colour but doesn't take the most attractive of photos due to the crushed cranberries bobbing around inside!

From the Love Food, Christmas book, scaled down and adapted slightly:

100g fresh cranberries
2 tbsp golden caster sugar (or similar unrefined)
35cl bottle vodka

1) Sterilise a wide necked jar

2) Place the cranberries in the jar with the sugar and crush the cranberries to release the juices. I used my rolling pin, which now is an attractive shade of pink at one end ;-)

3) Pour over the vodka and mix well, seal and leave in a cool, dark space for 6 weeks*

After decanting, the above is the outcome! I have to be honest that on its own I wasn't keen, however with ice and lemonade its lovely!


  1. Anne my favourite drink is Cranberry and Vodka, love it! I bet your home-made version is going to be gorgeous!


  2. This sounds so good Ann with the adpations you've made to the Cranberry and Vodka!!

    Rosie x

  3. Now that's what I call a great idea!

  4. I can't wait to open this but am resisting! Is a gorgeous deep red at the moment

    Am thinking of using it on new years eve as a toast, maybe with a splash of bubbly in! ;-)


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