Monday, 17 November 2008

7 Random things about me....

Courtesy of being tagged by Hayley over at awaywiththefairycakes

7 random and/or weird facts about myself:

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So here we go:

1) I was a girl guide and really hated insects and camping was horrible as the bugs got everywhere, and I mean everywhere! Wasps are my biggest fear, even above spiders.

2) I love reading. Close to 93 cook books and at least a further 250 other books. Love crime and thrillers, fave authors are Martina Cole and Jeffrey Archer

3) I also fall in the "be prepared" category and have far too much junk in my handbag, plasters, e45, lip balm, lipstick, hairbrush with built in mirror...

4) I am currently writing my first novel, I doubt will even attempt to get it published but am enjoying writing and spending an unhealthy amount of time on it.

5) I am a huge Take That fan and have been since I was about 11 - 15 years ago! Am going to Wembley next year and mega excited. If I ever met Gary Barlow I would most likely faint in shock.

6) My least favourite food is dried apricots, hate the taste, texture, appearance, just are horrible.
7) My boyfriend won't let me have any more pets as I get too emotional and phoned him at work when our goldfish died, in tears.

So that's me done, and in turn I'm going to tag the following:

Nic at Cherrapeno

Beth at jam and clotted cream

Bron over at practically daily

Margaret at kitchen-delights



And last but not least:



  1. I love Take That too! Thanks for the tag

  2. I was a girl guide too and did the most random badges to just look cool! thanks for the tag too. happy cooking! :)

  3. Hi Beth - nice to meet another thatter ;-)

    Hi Sands - I had to fight for my camping bagde as they kept getting their records wrong saying I hadnt gone - I know from the earwigs in my sleeping bag and living on egg bread for a week that I was there, lol!!

    My first brownie badge was hospitality :)

  4. Great read Anne I also enjoy reading crime and thrillers and my cookbooks too :)

    Rosie x

  5. Hi Anne - I've finally got around to responding! Sorry it's taken me so long & thank you for tagging me!


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