Thursday, 6 December 2007

Hello there!

Finally after what seems like forever Orange have decided to connect our Broadband and I am back *properly* online and not just snatched moments at work or borrowing friends computers!!!

I am officially in love with my new oven - but it is a *big* learning curve!!!

Recently on the foodie front I experimented with sweet potato + normal potato bake:

Piccie shows the leftovers unfortunately!!

I had not used any thickening products and the 'sauce' just consisted of cream and stock BUT the leftover liquid was very moreish and strangely vanished overnight... was wonderful using fresh bread as a 'dip'!!

I had recently succumbed in Homebase to the JML slicer (admitedly reduced to £4.99!) and whilst it did produce thin slices, it involved A LOT of elbow grease and effort! Not overly sure if I will attempt again....tried again last weekend and far to much effort!!

Today I have been very bad though and yet again ordered more kitchen stuff online, including a Party Pastry maker (!10372) and a rather lovely 'Joseph & Joseph' Carving board (!11753) Roll on Monday!!


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