Tuesday 28 February 2017

Its been a while..

Sooo... long time no see! Not that I've forgotten you ..but life.. got busy!! Christmas was busy...then a new job (which I love but now spend all day with a computer so blogging took a back seat!) and a new home all of our own! Made complete by this little psycho kitty and sous chef in training Theodora:

After 5 years of renting *very basic work accommodation* with a very questionable electric oven, I am now a proud owner of a range style cooker, with 3 ovens!! Where to choose?! Where to start?! I still have to use the instruction manual for the main oven but I am slowly learning the symbols (normally by the smell of burning!!) 

Having our own space is amazing and being able to cook without sharing my kitchen (other than the cat!) is a joy!! No waiting to get in the kitchen, being able to fill the window sill with herbs, and peace! Its so quiet here, I love the Hampshire countryside and everyone is friendly! Even the shop assistants are helpful and talk to you, which was a little disturbing at first but its so lovely!

I think I will be back blogging...soon...though am still unpacking and rearranging the kitchen weekly trying to find homes and muttering under my breath the words 'kitchen clear out' regularly!! For now we are just enjoying having a home to call our own, a whole new county to explore and hopefully I will be back soon!


  1. Good to see you back and I'm pleased to hear you're settling into the lovely Hampshire countryside. Three ovens, though - that's just greed, surely. I'm certain that Theodora is a lovely sous chef but, based on that picture, I don't think I'd take her on in a staring competition.

  2. Congratulations on your new home - how exciting! Theodora is beautiful, and I am sure she will be a great asset in the kitchen - we too have a psycho kitty and she turns cooking into an extreme sport - be very careful what you leave out on the worktop!


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