Monday, 11 January 2016

Meal Planning Monday W/c: 11/01/2016

Hello shiny new Monday, you came around too quickly! Can I have a few more days please?! 
Last week we stayed sort of on plan, though Thursdays dinner became spinach tortellini as the sausages were still in the freezer (oops) and Friday's Salmon got bumped to Saturday night as my lovely neighbour made us macaroni cheese-it was very welcome as I felt exhausted. We all have done the rounds since Christmas with the cold and by the end of the week, on top of having to follow the low res diet and the MRI ordeal, I was about ready to collapse in a heap! We regularly give each other a spare plate of food and I am very lucky to have such a great friend just a wall apart!

I have tried to be super organised and have actually started drafting the next few weeks meals up, using things from the freezer in rotation. After losing our freezer contents just before Christmas due to a fault, I am now a bit paranoid but it does make good sense to eat it all up! Also it helps us to stick to tighter January budgets!! Plus our store cupboard is over flowing and is a bit of a hazard to get in and out of so its for safety reasons too!!

This week will be as follows - and yes I did spend some quality time with a Nigella cookbook in the process!:

Pork and leek Sausages, cheesy potato cakes (we made them last night from leftover mash, just need to heat through), carrots, broccoli and onion gravy
Mixed meat pilaf- from Nigella 'Kitchen'- leftover gammon and cocktail sausages (not tried this before but helps use up some odds and ends!)

Home made Sweet potato & chickpea burgers in brioche buns or a wrap, creamed freekeh (maybe! Bought on a whim!) and greens 

Spaghetti with green pesto (uses up half an open jar), green beans, leeks and parmesan, pine nuts 

Turkey meatballs (from Nigella Kitchen) with rice 


Lunches are going to be a mixture of leftovers and a giant carton of Beetroot soup my dad bought me over. Planning to make some home made cheese rolls to accompany. 

Also over the weekend I am planning to make Salmon en Croute for the first time! I love this dish but somehow I don't think I have ever made - will be that or Salmon Koulibiac as I spotted a tasty looking recipe in a Hairy Biker's book and have half a side of Salmon that needs thawing and eating. Another first will be pigeon steak baguettes - never tried them before but bought a pack for 99p reduced at New Year's - going to be interesting!!

The only fresh item I have not really accounted for is a rather large wedge of cambazola - other than cheese n crackers I do need to use it up as its very ripe but can't decide yet what to do with it!

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