Monday, 7 April 2014

Meal Planning Monday 07.04.2014

Well last week flew by like a whirlwind and we mainly stayed on plan the only real change was Friday nights satay sauce becoming soy sauce, in the form of some Filipino soy sauce my neighbour gave me as we had somehow run out of the regular one we buy, its still as nice fortunately! I made a lush and to be blogged soon Gooseberry and currant sponge which B rated 10/10 which leaves a lot to live up on the next bake! One of the other highlights out was this giant bacon cheeseburger:

On Saturday me and a girlfriend went and saw the amazing Gary Barlow in concert!! And as the 02 is overwhelmed by restaurants but none really that great we found via my friends brother and the power of twitter a decent burger place in Clapham - and it was delicious! A little bit rare, seasoned fries and gravy on the side - what's not to like?!

So back to reality with a bump this week - keeping up with the budget theme as our wardrobe has collapsed and we have the mot and service due shortly, it is a good freezer raid!

Monday - B will be having something involving sweet potatoes and chorizo - I've given him instructions as I going to a friends house before a pampered chef party!

Tuesday - It may change..but I have lamb in the freezer and thinking of some sort of curry-  maybe a Lamb and Spinach Bhajee that I made a long, long time ago but it was very tasty! 

Wednesday - Fishcakes with mash and roasted vegetables

Thursday - I am going to something..I can't talk about yet..! B will be having bacon pasta

Friday - I have a chicken carcass in the freezer, thinking of boiling up making a nice soup base for noodles and veggies etc

Weekend - I am thinking risotto followed by arrancini the following night with the leftovers..

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  1. Sounds lovely! I must remember to make extra risotto next time we have it as I think arancini are gorgeous.

    Enjoy your week!



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