Monday, 17 March 2014

Monday Meal Plan

So I didn't post the meal plan last week..sorry.. life got in the way, well shift patterns at least and there wasn't a chance- as it is its now 22:18 and I am doing the meal plan post long day shift and a laced hot chocolate (needed today) as it was the original plan changed somewhat, planned dishes changed around and well, it just was busy! I did make a couple of pretty decent dishes and will try and blog them soon! On the highlight of my week - I finally got a decent mobile phone, after many months of putting up with a temporary distinctly un-smart-phone and you can find me on Instagram under the alter ego of 'polkadotanne'!

Sadly of course I didn't weigh anything to give you an exact recipe but I made this bread and butter pudding last Thursday when my dad came over - it lasted about 5 minutes! I used a loaf of fruit n nut bread I bought reduced as the base, made the egg custard with ground ginger and then let the oven work its magic- delicious!

This week is the usual jumble of shifts but my mums birthday is coming up at the weekend and I am trying to decide what cake to bake for her! I was sent some lovely Dr Oetker baking goodies but I still have not decided oops! Sunday will involve roast lamb - my mum loves it but rarely treats herself to it and I like to spoil her when I can!

Monday - we had fish fingers, mixed veg and new potatoes

Tuesday - Sausage and bean casserole 

Wednesday - Sweet potato bean burgers with green beans and spicy rice

Thursday - Sweet chilli chicken noodles

Friday - Tuna pancakes



  1. Everything sounds so good!
    Liking the sound of the Tuna pancakes.....Very interesting :)

  2. Could I have the sweet potato bean burger recipe? Sounds really lovely:)


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