Monday, 10 February 2014

Monday Meal Plan - Revolving around the sofa!

For some bizarre reason last night I thought this weeks meal plan would be easy as somewhere in the recesses of my mind I thought I had at least started it... however it would appear my mind was playing tricks as apart from writing down that I will be making some Filipino bread called Pandesal with my lovely neighbour as she wants to try making it and I am always up for trying new recipes, there was erm, precisely nothing!! 

This week has to be a good one really - I can't moan about my shifts as I have the whole week off! All 7 days of it!! However the stupid joints that hold my body just about together seem to have gone on strike and whilst most days I grin and bear things with a smile it really is quite frustrating, even kneading bread hurts and the sofa becomes my friend so I can rest my weary knees! Oh well enough complaining from me - food wise last week was pretty good and we discovered salted caramel and clotted cream topped scones are pretty much the best thing ever to pass our lips!

Glorious scones!
We are planning a small shopping trip out tomorrow to re-stock the fridge/ freezer / cupboards as I have been fairly good working through the stash of dried goods but the local flooding is proving very problematic and will involve me having to drop B at work at the crack of dawn via the joyous M25 as he can't cycle as everywhere is under water and I need the car! I am praying it goes down soon as my family and close friends are all badly affected with it and their gardens slowly being overtaken by the river Thames! Very worrying times!

So this week's plan, the freezer is low - hence tomorrow's needed trip out and I need to use up some bits that are threatening to walk out of the fridge! Valentines is also almost upon us too and B is cooking, with me making pudding - I do believe chocolate fondants will be featuring! We managed to stick mostly to last weeks plan which is always good! There were a few new recipes conjoured up too and when I decipher my scribbled in code notes I will blog about them!

Monday - Tuna Pasta bake with green beans and spinach 

Tuesday - Hoisin quorn 'chicken' noodles with stir fried courgettes and peppers

Wednesday - Potato Rosti with fried eggs

Thursday - Pizza and rocket salad

Friday - Creamy pepper chicken Pasta, followed by chocolate fondants!

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Wishing all my lovely readers a happy Valentines and week ahead!


  1. that scone has just made my mouth water it looks like a great menu I hope the weather changes soon for you, well all of us and will keep my fingers crossed it goes soon x

  2. Oh wow! Everything sounds delicious and those scones!! YUM!!


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