Monday, 23 September 2013

Meal Planning Monday 23/09/13

Monday Monday....sure there's a song with those words... but its not all down fortunately...despite being up to day 8 of my shift pattern I am still alive, though currently sustained to write this with a little glass of Soave, from Sainsburys #SoOrganic range - which I was sent to review for September Organic Month. I'm not big on white wine, quite hard to please and its not my most favourite white I've partaked in but right now its perfectly drinkable!

So onto the meal plan! As usual its a little hmm huh yeah but no but yeah..this week see's not only my darling boyfriends birthday, but my lovely neighbour and friend too so lots of cooking and eating to be done! Also around shifts its as always fun to decide between what I will cook vs what B will cook so its as always, subject to change! We have a fridge full of veggies but everything else is trying to clear the freezer of things that have been there too long..

Monday - ooh that's now! We are having flatbreads, customised into pizza style, topped with mozzarella, cheese and a little cherry tomato puree, served with salad

Tuesday - am working late...Plan is stirfry..but sometimes I am not that hungry after work so may just end up being another stab at the family sized carton of twiglets I recently bought!

Wednesday - Possibly either beef and spinach stew OR beef chilli con carne, May change altogether! Need to make B's birthday cake so need somethng simple that can just do its own thang on the hob..

Thursday - off for a Chinese to celebrate B's birthday - is proper old fashioned flock wallpaper but we love it!

Friday - My friend's birthday, the plan is to BBQ but so scared of recent chilly weather but the weather forecast looks promising...will be a mixture of Filipino and English food! Bring on the pansit and sausages!

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