Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Turkey Escalopes...with Marmite love!

I know when it comes to Marmite, you either love it - me me me - or hate it - there are strange folk out there!! It has this weird, enticing lure. Savoury and delicious. Nothing really does compare!

Twice this week I have managed to include heavenly marmite in my cooking - I finally tried Nigella's marmite spaghetti, albeit with vermicelli pasta, which was quite simple and yet simply heavenly, and secondly the old brain went a bit awol (oh the joy of shift work), and I had seen the marmite jar earlier that day.... Saw my turkey steak. And thought hmmm......could I ...really?!

You see that night I had not planned to actually do anything remotely turkey related. My meal planner (ha)  said frittata but I really did not fancy frittata. Also I had been food shopping for the week that afternoon, and had randomly picked up 3 turkey breast steaks reduced for a measly £ could I say no? This despite having a freezer full of food....

On a separate note earlier on that particular day I had made some ginger biscuits (nice but not blog worthy), which involved only the egg yolk, and was left with the white, hence the frittata idea. But then ~I thought what about coating something - in this case the turkey was to hand - and went from there!

My steak was a bit chunky and I was worried about it drying out in the pan, so I sliced it though horizontally into two thin steaks, dried off with kitchen paper, massaged with marmite, floured, bathed in beaten egg white, then pressed into a good handful of breadcrumbs (top frugal tip - never throw away that end bit of crusty bread - blitz and freeze for future meal making!) and then fried in a drizzle of olive oil for about 3 minutes on each side. Super quick!

And the result? These turkey escalopes were a zillion times better than the ones I was brought up on! The marmite added a deliciously savoury note, and this is in no way the end of my love affair with having marmite other than on my toast!

This in no way a sponsored post. Just a marmite addict at the helm.


  1. Rewind: Do you really have meals planner - Wow -
    Forward : Glad to see that they are a fall back on scheme :)
    Play: will make sure to include marmite next time I "scallop" something

  2. I LOVE Marmite, I have it every day on my toast for breakfast apart from when I run out of bread and then I sulk over some cereal. I have never thought to add it into other things though, will definitely have to get a bit more creative with it!


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