Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Spicy Fishy Fajitas

I'm not usually taken to writing poetry but whilst dreaming up this post the following struck me (poetry was never my strong point!):

A wicked daughter, that I be. 
Poor mum had promise of mayonnaise… 
Only it wasn't just mayonnaise 
It had a sneaky ingredient – wasabi!

Hellmann’s recently sent me a couple of their new flavoured mayonnaise's to try, one of them being a wasabi version - if you are not familiar with wasabi - aka my mum - its a similar to horseradish but with more oomph - the mayo lures you in all creamy then your tastebuds go BING!

Considering those who know me, know I am not actually a huge fan in general of mayonnaise and so probably found it a bit odd that I accepted the offer to try these but its not that I dislike it, I just only like it in certain things, I.e. on the side of my salad or with lots of garlic as a dip, however I really like this wasabi one and have been eating it with everything! I also have a bottle of the caramelized onion version, which is nice but a little too underwhelming for me on the sweet oniony flavour...

I really do enjoy making fajitas, as you get to have lots of lovely things to add in to make them your own, and these fishy ones were a big hit - my mum bless her is a little hesitant of trying 'new things' but tucked in happily to these, very proud of her though I have promised that I won't trick her again with wasabi!

My fishy fajitas (taco's? not really sure what to call them?!) were very reasonable and quick to make - I used fresh pouting fillets, which are a fraction of the price compared to fresh haddock etc - they came in at a whopping £1.50 and fed easily both of us! I then removed a few sneaky bones, once I had torn the cupboards apart trying to find the tweezers of course, then cut into strips, tossed with flour seasoned with smoked paprika, pepper and salt then quickly fried in a little oil. They did fall apart slightly so got affectionately renamed fishy smooshy but to no ill effect, if anything made the fajitas easier to assemble! 

To go with them, we had strips of cooked peppers, rocket salad, spring onions and grated cheese, soured cream and mine had a layer of the wasabi mayo too which was a lush combination! Another highlight was some new mini wraps I found in the supermarket - so much more ladylike than wrestling a big tortilla wrap!

Thanks to Nicola at Clarion for sending the samples.


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  2. As I have never tried a wasabi version of Mayonnaise I am overcome with curiosity right this very moment. This will be on my list when I next go grocery shopping for sure. I'm glad I learned about it from you, cheers!


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