Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Chocolate and Cheese...

When I first saw ‘Philadelphia with Cadbury’s chocolate’ advertised I must admit I was a rather intrigued by the whole chocolate and cheese combination, and wanted to try it mainly out of curiosity! Then by fate an email popped in my inbox a few days later offering the chance to try it! Obviously I quite happily took them up on the offer and within a couple of days er the tub was empty!

On its own, I found my tastebuds initially a little confused by the milky chocolate and cream cheese flavours together, I think you will either really get it or not at all! I am a closet Cadbury’s fan (shh) but would love to see a darker chocolate version!

However when made up into a pudding of toasted sweet waffles and sliced strawberries it worked a treat! The slight tartness of the fruit offset the sweet chocolate/ cream cheese flavour perfectly and made for a winning combination. Better still dad seemed quite satisfied that this was his pudding!

Whilst it did make a quick 'assembly job' style pudding, I am at heart a snack fiend and this is why I ran out of it so quickly! I adore biscuits and have to apply self control around them, in particular my weakness is dark chocolate digestives! However delicious as they are, they also figure at around 87 calories each! With my rough workings, you can swap:

One of these:

For two plain rice cakes (I have fallen in love with Tesco's organic brown ones!), topped with ' choccyphilly ' and topped with a sliced up strawberry for barely a few more calories! Win win I say! A perfect snack for that long time between lunch and dinnertime!  

For two of these!

Its available now to buy nationwide.

Many thanks To Karen at Golin Harris and Philadelphia


  1. Oooh I have some of this in my fridge! Your rice cakes & strawberries look great!

  2. If you like chocolate cheesecake - and I know there are some people who don't (strangely) - then this must be a dream come true. Spread on a digestive biscuit and top with a few berries - instant cheesecake! It would have to be really good to beat Nutella on a digestive biscuit though!

  3. I ate mine from the tub with a teaspoon.

    It would be PERFECT in a toastie with bananas however.

  4. I love Helen's ides of putting it in a banana toastie. I haven't tried this yet but may have to give it a go.

  5. Chocolate & cheese-a strange combination but I´d love to try it!!!


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