Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Apple Curd - Almost free!

I recently discovered a great little website that via the moneysavingexpert forums called 'Cheap Family recipes' to thank for this wonderful recipe!

You honestly have to try it to believe: 

a) how easy it is to make and 

B) how delicious it is! 

I had my full doubt radar on when making this recipe but it was perfect first time, even with my rough adjustments to the quantities. Even better still was that the apples actually came from the grounds of where I used to live, no idea what variety they actually are so worked out dirt cheap to make. 

Unfortunately it was too popular and I ended up giving away all of my first batch, and am now scrambling for empty jars to make batch number two!

The resulting curd is velvety textured, slightly tart but in a good way, light green in colour ‘smoosh’ and is fabulous on toast, crumpets or even atop rice pudding as we discovered!!


  1. I'm going to try this recipe - there's also a version that uses cider too - it's in the River cottage Preserves book. Glut of apples in my garden at mo!

  2. No apples on my farm right now, but eager to try, based on experiences w lemon curd.

  3. Oh yummy. I wonder if I could use pears too?

    There is an excellent apple butter recipe on Vegan Yum Yum, but you need a slowcooker and a waterbath! The main advantage is that it keeps for months in the cupboard.

  4. Kate - I really can't get on with cider unfortunately but worth a try!

    Sweet Hampers - hope you enjoy it at the weekend!

    Belinda - when you get some apples do try it! It looks a bit wrong at first but tastes so good!

    Helen - I don't see why not, pear curd sounds delicious, would love to try it! The apple butter sounds good but way to much effort for me!


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