Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Joy of Home made (and oven baked!) Scotch Eggs

For months, if not years now I have been meaning to make scotch eggs, they seem to me at least to be coming back into food 'fashion' but mainly the last time I made them was in 'Food Technology' class approximately 15 years ago (how old do I feel right now!) with a girlfriend and I have vague recollections of things exploding in deep fat fryers but overall successful results.... were definitely one of the better cookery class dishes..

Additionally a few months back the lovely Helen bought over a fantastic scotch egg made by her local butchers, which reignited the flames and tonight ...courtesy of my favourite sausage meat from a fantastic local butcher to me, and going on these memories we finally made scotch eggs again!

Whilst I hold no fear of deep fat frying, in the back of my mind trying to be healthy, plus increasing oil costs I decided to try and bake them instead of deep frying, afterall my chicken kievs worked out well being baked the other week so had high hopes for these babies....and ... my oh my why have we waited soooo long!

One picture I think says it all:

 But...that would just be cruel, I guess you wanna see inside too...

These were beasts! Packed to the rafters with perfect, tasty sausage meat encasing a lovely free range egg! Whilst due to our glorious English climate these were not enjoyed as part of the planed picnic in the park, they were no less delicious eaten indoors, and in the dry!

We didn't use a recipe, merely followed our memories and what seemed right, and I wouldn't change a thing! I flattened out a ball of sausage meat on some cling film, popped the soft boiled egg in the middle, then gently shaped the sausage meat around it, then dusted in a flour bath, drenched in egg and then rolled in seasoned breadcrumbs; which were half paxo natural and half Waitrose posh crumbs, plus a little fresh parsley. I sprayed with a little oil then baked for about 30 minutes in a hot oven. Pretty simple, and yet pretty darn good if I say so myself!


  1. I was once given a recipe for baked rather than deep fried scotch eggs and they were excellent. It has been lost in the mists of time, sadly, but I came across another a few weeks ago and intend to see if it is as good. Thanks for the reminder though perhaps it can wait until after our holiday!
    'Meanderings through my Cookbook'

  2. Oooh baked is genius. I've been meaning to make scotch eggs for ages but not got round to it in fear of the deep fried aspect but you've inspired me to bake them. Thank you!!

  3. We have made scotch eggs at home, we did quail egg ones which meant we could fry them in reasonably shallow oil, just an inch or two, and roll them during frying, it worked very well.

    But love idea of baked ones...

  4. Hubby won't eat the egg part of the Scotch Eggs, but son and I absolutely love them. So, I'm thinking that maybe I should make four for our lunch at the weekend ... oh yes, that sounds like a plan!

  5. I've never made these and the only ones I've had have always been a bit soggy and disappointing. I'm sure homemade ones are delicious and I could see myself developping a taste for them.

  6. I make veggie scotch eggs Anne and they are always monsters too! Great picnic food. Now we just need a run of good weather again. It is looking decidedly dodgy today :(

  7. OMG I love Scotch Eggs, they look amazing. There used to be a shop where you could buy them hot and the smell drew you in. You are feeling old thinking back 15 years, but the time when I remember that shop must be at least 40 years ago -eek! I don't think I've ever made Scotch Eggs, probably because I AM scared of deep frying!

  8. Ah, they look great! Even though I don't eat eggs!!

  9. Nice!!!!

    Lola x

  10. hopeeternalcookbook - I am lucky as our local butcher does awesome sausagemeat and doesn't need any extra seasoning, hope you enjoy them!

    Joy - Glad you like them!

    Dom - I have no intentions of trying to fry them next time, am definitely converted to oven baking them!

    Kavey - I had originally thought of doing quail eggs but we were greedy and did full size in the end! Though will definitely give the little ones a go!

    Jenny - More for you then ;-) Hope you like them!

    Corina - is homemade all the way for me, have not touched supermarket ones in years, just wasn't worth the calories! And yes they are addictive, are back on menu for sunday teatime!

    Jacqueline - I have printed off the tiffin eggs, they look fab!

    Janice - I bet it smelt a little like heaven!! At least you can put your fears to rest now - go bake some! :)

    Anna - thanks! Maybe you could put something else inside perhaps..!

    Lola - many thanks :)


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