Sunday, 22 May 2011

Ham and Sweetcorn Philly Frittata

Frittata's (tortilla) are a common dinner in our house - mainly as they are so versatile, and also economical as you can you use up a mixture of leftovers and whatever needs using up quickly! We normally have eggs in so it’s quick and handy supper!

Eggs are your base, and from there the options are endless!

I often vary the dairy part between what needs using up - sometimes its cream, or crème fraiche, and sometimes its cream cheese. This one however was slightly different, I used cream cheese but this time a Basil and Sundried tomato flavoured one recently launched from Philiadelphia, which worked very well and gave the Frittata a new twist. 

So once your eggs and dairy bit are in the bowl, from there you could use some cooked meat, I.e. strips of ham or salami, tinned fish including tuna and salmon or even cooked vegetables such as courgette, slices of potato and mushrooms, and even tinned vegetables such as sweetcorn work really well here too. Cheese wise, I like to add a handful of grated cheddar, along with any other odd bits of cheese - parmesan, red leicester, mozzarella etc all work very well. I used fresh basil roughly chopped into the mixture but parsley is also a good addition.

I rarely weigh anything, normally judging by eye until you have a well mixed batter, with even distribution between the eggy bit and your additions:

For my 23cm sauté pan, my base is 6 eggs plus additions, which will give you a frittata about 2cm deep. Gently heat your pan, add a knob of butter and a splash of olive oil, then tip in the mixture and gently poke around to get a nice layer of all the fillings, allow to gently cook away, once the topping is starting to set, transfer under a hot grill for a couple of minutes to brown nicely.

You can serve it either hot as a light dinner with a nice crisp green salad, or let it cool down, then cut into strips and serve as part of a buffet or picnic. Is also delicious in a lunchbox as travels well.


Many thanks to Jo at Golin Harris for the Philadelphia samples :)


  1. oh this looks so good, I love this kind of thing so much, so simple, easy and carb free which is a mega bonus!

  2. Looks fabulous and have to give the recipe to my girls. They are so wanting to cook for themselves and this makes a welcome change to their omelettes. Great idea with the basil and sun-dried tomato flavour, too.

  3. Looks very easy and perfect for a little boy's lunch (and mine!)

  4. Looks yummy - I only realised fairly recently that you could cook with philly; I love it cooked on salmon


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