Thursday, 24 February 2011

Quick and Creamy Tuna Farfalle - Presto Pasta Night #202

Finally I remembered to take part in a blogging event – the great Presto Pasta night  Every week I see it pop up on other blogs and realise that once again I’ve forgotten – this week though I put it in my diary and just about remembered in time! This week’s host is at The Seventh Level of Boredom, don’t forget to check out her blog on Friday 25th February for a delicious round up!

This is one of my store-cupboard standby recipes. This version has tuna in but it really is quite adaptable, feel free to vary the vegetables too, providing they are quick to cook. Also nothing is really measured, just go with the flow! It also works well with diced bacon, in lieu of the tuna, just fry it first with the onions and add some dried rosemary to the sauce during cooking instead of the Italian herb mix.

Serves 2
15 minutes

2 tbsp or so chopped onion (frozen is fine)
1 tin tuna flakes in brine or spring water
1 heaped tsp tomato puree or a small amount of passata
2 tbsp grated cheese or parmesan + extra for serving
200g or so Farfalle or pasta of your choice
2-3 heaped tbsp. crème fraiche, full or ½ fat. Cream cheese also works well here
1 tsp olive oil or garlic olive oil
3-4 frozen or fresh broccoli florets, peas or sweetcorn
½ tsp of dried Italian herb mix
S&P to taste
(also a little chilli puree works well!)

Boil the pasta as per packet instructions, adding the veg near the end accordingly

In a small frying/ sauté pan, soften the onions in the oil, stir in the tomato puree and herbs, cook for about 2 minutes, add a cup or so of the pasta cooking water, mix well, reduce the heat and stir in the crème fraiche, gently warm through.

Remove from the heat and stir in the cheese, If the mixture is too thick loosen with a little more water from the pasta. Drain the pasta, stir in the sauce and serve immediately, finishing with a little extra grated cheese on top.


  1. I love the addition of creme fraiche in this! Thanks for sharing it with Presto Pasta Nights!

  2. Sounds like a great standby. I usually have all those ingredients in the cupboard or fridge.

  3. Looks good Anne, I've got plenty of tuna in the cupboard and not much time in the evenings - sounds like this is one for me!

  4. Creamy goodness! I always forget about this event too!

  5. I like that you added creme fraiche to up the tuna to gourmet level. Sounds delish.

  6. I love these type of store-cupboard pasta recipes, quick, easy but delish!


  7. Ty's Mommy - thankyou for the warm welcome :)

    Janice - likewise, it is made very frequently here!

    C - It really is so speedy, ideal after a busy day

    pigpigscorner - Tis creamy and good ;-)

    Claudia - I really like using creme fraiche, so versatile!

    Maria - Totally agree ;-)

    Thanks all


  8. This looks really good and I love store cupboard recipes. Check out my tuna pasta salad. It's a real favourite with my kids.

  9. Livs - I will check it out thankyou, sounds great :)


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