Thursday, 17 June 2010

Recent cooking

I'm back at last! Whilst there hasn't been a huge amount of cooking going on, I have made a couple of nice things lately - most recently was cappuchino bars, from BBC Good Food 'The Collection' book, which I received for my birthday. Picture came out a little fuzzy but will make again:

Next up is a new breakfast favourite of mine - Egg and Mushroom wraps. A little different but delicious, I work shifts and this tends to be my breakfast when I am on the 'late shift', keeps me going until my late lunch break! Basically fry 2-3 thinly sliced chestnut mushrooms in a small amount of butter in a hot pan, add 3 chopped cherry tomatoes, whisk in a bowl 2 eggs, a splash of milk and some of your favourite chilli sauce, stir into the browned mushroom mixture and scramble together until cooked through, tip into a tortilla wrap and fold as desired, enjoy!

Next up, I bought on special a couple of weeks ago some new 'Jamie Oliver' Lasagne sheets, I must admit I normally just pick up the value lasagne sheets but I am switching to these in future as we both noticed a big difference in the finished lasagne, silky, tasty pasta without any pre-soaking required. Delicious!

(I finally found a use for my silicon 'tin' - the sheets fit perfectly!!)

More pasta - this time some pretty 'Trecce dell' Orto' which my dad picked up for me recently, which had different flavoured twirls; beetroot, spinach, curcuma and sepia (cuttlefish ink - sounds vile but actually was very tasty!) I made up a simple carbonara sauce with some very tasty bacon bits from Aldi's and it coated the pasta beautifully:

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