Saturday, 6 March 2010

Apron Love

I originally saw this gorgeously retro apron over at Kitchen Delights and was very envious until The Last Detail asked if I would like one too! Didn’t take me long to say yes please!

The apron arrived lovingly packaged in tissue paper and its beautifully made. I can’t wait to wear it next time my in-law’s are over. Even more so in that I chose my future married name to be printed on to it, should raise a few eyebrows ;-)

Please do check out their wonderful range of special party, wedding and table accessories and beautiful gifts, including for Mothers Day, which is the 14th March this year. Its taken me by surprise this year as I am used to it being the week after. However due to the fact I’m unfortunately working on the Sunday we are celebrating a day early and my mum is coming over for dinner instead, am sure she is going to love my new apron too!


  1. The apron is fabulous! And as a (relatively) new bride let me tell you, married life is wonderful! It really does make a difference... a marvellously happy difference! (Now I am going to have a look at those aprons!)

  2. Might scare him!!!I've got one too - love it

  3. Thanks for the mention Anne. The apron is really quirky. Good quality too, very impressive. I've worn mine a few times already.


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