Thursday, 7 January 2010

Things to do with lots of yoghurt…

This post is a bit long overdue! Total very kindly sent me a while back an assortment of yoghurt products from their range, as I had not really cooked a lot before with yoghurt it was a great chance to experiment with a variety of products. I didn't get pictures of everything as between the dark nights and an old camera, nothing looked particuarly appetizing!

Alongside the yoghurt they also sent me a book with their recipes in. I will be honest in that one dish really failed from it, the yoghurt muffins. Yes, they may be very low in fat / calories etc but they just didn’t work for us, the texture was too light and a bit odd, unfortunately the whole batch got binned. Another disappointment was a curry I made split quite badly, however I think that was also due to my inexperience using it the 2% version.

On a more positive note, there were also successes! The best was a dip I made using very 1 stick of finely minced, de-stringed fresh crisp celery, mixed with a few tbsp of their 0% greek yoghurt, a splash of white balsamic, s&p and a squeeze of lemon, S&P and then left to stand a while. The result was similar to tzatziki and really fresh tasting, was great with crudités and nachos! If left overnight it becomes more cottage cheese like in texture but still tastes great.

Another winner for me was a very simple combination of my favourite fruit muesli, topped with the 0% or 2% yoghurt and a sprinkling of mixed seeds. It felt very healthy for breakfast and tasted good too!

The final dish was an experiment made on a day off from work and inspired from giant sized tomatoes that I was given. There were a few stages but was worth it in the end! Basically I sliced the tops off and hollowed out the tomatoes, blitzed in the blender, then simmered for about 20 minutes with red wine vinegar, smoked paprika S&P, then removed from the heat and stirred in about 6 tbsp 2% Total greek yoghurt. I used this sauce to line a dish, then place the hollowed out tomatoes snugly on top. I filled them with a mixture of cooked bulghar wheat, onion, yellow pepper, diced bockwurst, a little chilli powder, S&P, binded with a little more yoghurt, placed the tops back on, sprinkled with grated cheese and baked for approx 25 minutes until soft and bubbling. Serve with fresh greenery. The real highlight of this dish was the sauce! The yoghurt worked perfectly in it and will definitely use it this way again.


  1. This was interesting - thanks. I make my own yoghrt but making a litre at a time means it sometimes doesn't always get used. I have some ideas brewing now!

  2. I often make curriis using yoghurt, to stop it splitting you can add a little cornflour (about a teaspoon) to the yoghurt before you mix it in, it works for me anyway!

    The tomato recipe sounds interesting and looks really tasty.

    I hope you had a good Christmas!

  3. I used up yoghurt yesterday making semolina cake. Yum! I like my yoghurt creamy though!

  4. Hannah - glad you've found some inspiration :)

    Sam - many thanks for the tip on cornflour, will definately try next time around!

    Joy - semolina cake sounds good, never had before but love the tinned variety ;-)


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