Friday, 6 February 2009

Nigella's Malteaser Cake

After seeing this over on rosiebakesapeaceofcake, I knew this would make a perfect dessert for when we had the family over, you can find the recipe here.

However, we moved around / tidied up the kitchen cupboards recently and one of my 8 inch loose bottomed sandwich pans has mysteriously vanished, I fear though it has shared the same fate of my loaf tin, which the beloved has managed to knock down the back of the cupboard, (its just peeking out to say ‘help me!’) which is currently doomed to spend its life with cobwebs or until the kitchen gets replaced in the very distant future! I managed to take a picture using the digital camera, positioned at a rather awkward angle, hoping to spot the tin but I think its gone right underneath, and I can't get the front of the cupboard bottom off! I did spot though a tin, which is not mine, so it looks like previous tenants had the same dilema at some point!

Thankfully, I do also have a pair of 7 inch tins and managed to still bake the cake, though not with loose bases, however I feel there is more to life than lining cake tins and so I always cheat and get disposable baking parchments liners from Lakeland’s, so luckily not an issue for me!

The cakes when cooked are more puffier but I don’t think they suffered in any way being in the slightly smaller tins. Just to add re: cooking temperature, I have an electric fan oven so reduced the temperature to 150o which seemed about right.

One thing I feel I must mention, is make sure you kitchen counter is clear first when making the recipe, not make mistake of also trying to cook dinner at the same time. One day I may just learn to take my own advice. Clear counters = clear mind!

A mystery for me though remains in the recipe quantities, in Nigella’s book ‘Feast’ the ingredients call for 15g butter, yes just 15g, up against much larger amounts of flour and sugar, however on Rosie has amended it to 150g, I also note in the post comments someone else had same dilema, however had not read this at time of making and I did make it with just the 15g, whilst wondering if my cake would be ruined….upon trying, I can't decide if the butter difference is really noticable, its very light and doesn’t taste maybe as indulgent as a full butter one but I do like it (and so will my hips!) though I will probably add more cocoa next time to be more chocolatey!! Also I don't normally like buttercream but I really liked this one with horlicks and cocoa in!

Happy baking!
Hope everyone is not too snowed in!


  1. As our snow has all gone :( I'm on my way over for a huge slice of this delicious looking cake. Hope you've saved me some!

  2. Anne I LOVE Nigella's Malteser Cake and have lost count how many times I've baked this. Your cake looks gorgeous!!


  3. How wierd - a friend rang me today to ask if 15g was right - I said I would prob add 150g Butter. I'll have to ask how the cake went for her

  4. Maltesers? they are my favorite. I have to try it !!!

  5. This just looks amazing! The clearing of the units is a very good idea, very sensible. I will try to remember it.

  6. Maltezer cake is wonderful and you have made a really great cake.
    The trouble is once you open the packet you can't stop eating them!

  7. I love malteasers, the cake looks great!

    Have you tried using a magnet to get your tin back? just a thought!

  8. Only 15g of butter? How odd, though it certainly doesn't look like it suffered from lack of the yellow stuff! I think I my have to try this, my ever expanding bum will probably thank me :) It looks beautiful, yum yum!!

    Katie xox

  9. Nic – Sorry, all gone! It didn’t last very long but I will save you some next time!

    Maria – thank you, I don’t often bother with icing cakes but was pretty pleased with result! just need to overcome my fear of an icing bag next!

    Beth – That is very spooky! How did your friends cake turn out?

    Janetching – you will, is definitely for malteaser fans!

    Holler – It is a good idea until you cant remember where you put things! Have now lost my silicon mat hmm ...

    Margaret – Sadly they didn’t have any small bags of Malteasers left so I had to force myself to buy a box of them, it’s a difficult job but its gotta be done!!

    Sam – Thank you, the magnet idea is a good one, will have to suggest it to the other half as he has longer arms! The good news is that the sandwich pan hasn’t joined the loaf tin after all – I found it in the spare room last night hiding with the extra crockery bowls!

    Katiecakes – I think you need the butter icing but I see it as being healthier, as technically only half the fat…and as you say more bottom friendly!!


  10. Anne, you know how much my family adore Nigella's Malteser cake! Your cake certainly looks amazing!!

    Rosie x

  11. Me again :0) Just wanted to say thank you so much for the kind mention too!

    Rosie x


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