Sunday, 14 December 2008

Thou shall have a fishy

This weekend I had the opportunity to try out a 'posh' Salmon En Croúte from Donald Russell, a dish I love but have never got round to making as my ex was not a fishy person and it would be wasted on him!

So as you can guess, when I was asked if I would like to try them, I jumped at the chance! Donald Russell's version, which is made from all butter puff pastry, encasing a prime fillet of salmon, topped with a mix of cream cheese, spinach and wild rice. It has also a hint of nutmeg and a delicate touch of lemon.

The main convenience is that it arrives perfectly frozen, in its own little dry ice box and each portion is individually wrapped, ideal if you are not intending to eat all of them immediately.

As mentioned above, because my partner does not care for salmon, I took these to his mothers Christmas party, where they went down very well with both the guests, and myself!

So if you fancy a little treat this Christmas, why not let the the stresses melt away and check out Donald Russell.

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