Thursday, 20 September 2007

The kitchen is back in action!!

Well it has been a busy return this week, following two blissful weeks in Corfu!

Ate far too much, drank far too much but was worth it!! Fell in love with a cocktail called P.S. I Love You, think had kahlua, amaretto, brandy and cream in...very nice anyway!!

Really liked a greek 'dish' called Spanakopita, which was a spinach and feta cheese pastry, yum yum!!

Worst dish was a stuffed squid our hotel done one night, I normally love Squid but this was revolting, managed about a teaspoon of it!! Apart from that our hotel served up some nice dishes, including a lovely Beef Stew 'Stifado'.

Have not done huge amount of cooking since I got back, mainly due to my knee has given up the ghost and standing in the kitchen is far from my mind! Made a nice lentil soup with leftover cauliflower stalks on Monday though, surprised as less thicker than when using whole cauliflower so had to rescue with more lentils but overall result was good!

Made a gigantic meat sauce pasta bake for yesterday as we had family over, all went well and all gone!!! Made super strong garlic bread as well which is always a winner!!!

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