Friday, 10 August 2007

Kitchen Cupboard

Whilst I love cooking from fresh, sometimes its handy to have a few standbys! Here is an ongoing list of recommendations:

13/04/08- Lidl's jar of bratwurst (like hotdogs but less cr&p in!) - great mixed with pasta and cheese sauce for an easy supper

10/04/08 - Tikka Marinade from the new provender co, is light and tomatoey and not spicy, was nice with turkey steaks

12/12/07 - Erm not quite 'standby' item but we have fallen deeply in love with 'Poppycock' cashew nut popcorn! It has a gorgeous sweet glaze and crunchy cashews and perfect popcorn! Heaven in a tin!!

November - Lidls' Tikka Masala Sauce - we had this with chicken thighs and was a really lovely, nicely spiced sauce, I normally dislike tikka masala as tends to be a bit sweet but this is really yummy! Have now stocked up the cupboard for cheating! Also tried this with lamb mince and chickpeas and is lush!

09/08/07 - Running late with a hungry mother to get to tends to confuse the mind so after a trip to sainsburys enroute I am surprised I ended up with something decent! Fancying something sweet, slightly creamy but full flavoured I picked up a bottle of Seeds Of change organic Coconut and Coriander Korma - boy were we in for a treat! The sauce was nicely spiced and perfectly balanced and married well with a pack of king prawns and pan fried baby courgettes, yum yum!!

Ongoing - 'Frank Coopers' Superior Mincemeat with Cranberries, Ruby port and Winte spices' Blimey - this is like one of the BEST mincemeats ever!! The fruit is divine and has a healthy dose of booze!! Reconmend ten times over!!

Kallo Organic bouilion cubes, great for gravy and soups

Creme Fraiche - so many uses for the lighter and normal verions

Good Bacon - defrosts quickly and great for salads/ sandwiches/ pasta etc

Free range and organic Eggs are a must and refuse to use or eat battery eggs

Fresly ground sea salt - used in all my recipes where salt or 's' is stated, currently using Lidl's which is very good value, also Maldon is good when you need larger crystals

Freshly ground black pepper - like above where my recipes state BP or S&P, using
Tescos grinder currently, good value and quality consistent.

Natural Meats butcher in Staines stocks the best Lamb and Sausagemeat I have ever tasted! Its expensive but worth it as an occasional treat

Chili infused Olive Oil - great for boosting tomato based dishes

Recently discovered choc chip brioche...where have you been all my life you lovely lovely things!! ;-)

Lidls balsamic pickled onions - heaven in a jar!!

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