Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Spirits Move Me...

Sorry about the title...am rather a big take that fan and the line came into my head!

I do love spirits almost as much as wine...

01/07/08 - I have not tried yet but bought some sour cherry liqueur in Lidl yesterday, they also have as a special line a blueberry version and an apple one, I would have liked all three but am watching pennies and my waist at the moment!

My favourite is a clear spirit called Floranis which I can only get in France, is akin to Pernod but much smoother and a gorgeous fennel taste... is lurvely mixed with coca cola and ice!!

Also fond of a whisky /whiskey but I do not have extravagant tastes (thank the lord!) Am quite content with a nice Jamesons on the rocks, or a Paddys with coke / ice or even Grants quite happily will consume! Not into the whole peaty tasting ones...

Have recently been converted to Frangelico, a clear & smooth Italian hazlenut liqeuer, best enjoyed on lots of ice. Oh and it works great if you can't sleep!! Is nice with a twist of lime but I cannot work out why....will have to keep persuing!

We also are at the end of a bottle of Bicerin a chocolate hazlenut liqeuer which is dreamy with a kick!

Recently I have been indulging in a bottle of Machiatto liqueur from Lidls, gloriously creamy and far too easy to drink!! (this has since mysteriously vanished.....)

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