Sunday, 23 August 2015

Stick Out your Personality with Mikado

I have received product from Mikado for this post. It is an entry to the Foodies100 Stick out your personality challenge sponsored by Mikado. Mikado are unique, long & ultra-thin crunchy biscuit sticks coated with smooth milk chocolate, with one end left bare so that you don’t get sticky fingers when eating. Mikado comes in four delicious flavours: Milk, White, Daim and Choco King, and stocked in all major supermarkets at an RRP of £1.39. To find out more, visit

Sharing is Caring!
 If you have not come across Mikado before, they are basically rather yummy, thin crunchy pretzel style sticks, coated in chocolate. What's more they are only 11 calories each! This is beneficial as I can normally demolish a box easily in one sitting!

This summer Mikado have launched a competition to find the best selfie showing off your personality - I am quite a variable person, I am girly to a degree, I love picnics and polkadots, anything sparkly, or bubbly for that matter, my favourite colour is hot pink and most of my clothes are floral patterned and according to my boyfriend we own too many cushions. I love baking and I'm a little bit stubbon. Oh and according to a girlfriend I am a bit nutty (I deny all knowledge ;-)) And I still have a teddy bear at 33 years old (well technically its a giraffe).

So how do I narrow all that down to one selfie?! One part of my personality that does stick out is my sharing - I love to share my knowledge to benefit others, often even strangers, I have just changed roles at work where a large proportion of my role will be training staff on our new system along with anything else that might benefit them - I am a bit of a knowledge magnet, without being a know-it-all (I hope so anyway!!). Also a big part of me is sharing what I have with others - food for example - in return for Mr Bear I shared a box of my Mikado, I think that was a fair trade!! With this in mind I decided to revert back to my childhood a little, and held a teddy bears picnic!

After a lot of planning, tea drinking and procrastination and then being thwarted by traditional British Summer Downpours, it finally stopped raining enough and the sun came out to have my Teddy bears picnic! Though I must be honest the handsome bear featured is not mine but my neighbour kindly lent him to me - growing up I had a giant bear bigger than me, and he reminds me of that special time of hosting elaborate Teddy bears picnic's with girlfriends and dainty china tea-sets! Mr Bear had a lovely time in the sunshine eating our Mikado!

Mr Bear with his Mikado feast!

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