Monday, 31 August 2015

Monday Meal Plan

Last week's plan only ended up on Facebook on Mrs M's Meal Planning Page, as I ran out of time to write anything that might count as a blog post! The plan from Monday to Friday was:

Sausage, kale and pesto tagliatelleBasa in dill and chorizo sauce, with sweet potato mash and courgettes
Macaroni cheese stuffed peppers
Naan, mango and cheese toasts
Pan fried turkey steaks (lemon and parsley) with creamy spelt

Sausage & Pesto Tagliatelle
Whilst I had planned 5 nights we stuck only to the first 3! Thursday's got switched to Pizza - I recently signed up for a Costco card through work and ended up spending 3 hours and a few pennies in there! We picked up the last pepperoni pizza cooked in store and it was so good! The smell wafting up the M25 home was rather tempting I think we pounced on it when we got home! Worth the £8 as it was ginormous and fed us both days! Friday night's dinner didn't really happen, I ate way too much at work, as there was a leaving do so had proper scones with clotted cream and jam, then my leftover pizza and too many crisps n nibbles!

I've done well filling the freezer this month with a few yellow sticker bargains and taking advantage of offers, though that with our Costco trip and a few meals out celebrating my new job (which I love!) means our food bill this month was a bit eek! £128.07 on home groceries and an eye-watering £160.33 eating out! I swear this month we are going to live on rice and water! Oh and maybe some of the freezer bargains perhaps!

This week my boyfriend starts his new job too - its all go in this household!! I have made a relatively simple plan to keep us ticking over nicely without too much faff! One of the abandoned meals is rolling over to this week as well:

Tonight was my lovely neighbours home made Lumpia aka Filipino spring rolls, following a naughty late mcd's out shopping!

Chicken fajitas, spicy beans, kale chips 

Grilled Lemon sole fillets with new potatoes, broccoli 

Ham and courgette slice - from Mainly Baking 

Pan fried turkey steaks with lemon with creamy spelt 

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