Monday, 17 August 2015

Meal Planning Monday and Making Changes

Today I started my new job! We have a four week training program and I came home starving despite sitting on my butt all day! Think was brain food needed, lunch of salmon couscous was obviously not enough! I've demolished half a cookie, a peach and hot chocolate since I got home already! This could be dangerous! Fortunately I have Pilates later to repair some of the damage and we are 'floor walking' later this week so hopefully will burn off some of the shortbread and chocolate digestives also consumed this afternoon! I am so happy to of been offered this opportunity, we are working on a huge project together that will transform the whole hospital and it will have lots of challenges along the way but also lots to learn too and skills to take away at the end of the contract. And overall learning to embrace change! 

Signing a 12 month contract was a bit scary, I have potentially a job to fall back to at the end but it would be back on a lower banding like I was before, and I don't entirely know where! I am quite fixated on terms sometimes and with previous anxiety issues (following redundancy and that related joy, oh and having fibromyalgia) it was a bit 'whoa there' but I am determined to use this to my benefit - learning to relax a little affects all areas - cooking comes into to it too I believe. I love pottering around in the kitchen but when I speak to non-cook's they are so scared to either experiment or try something new, I find it really quite sad that they in turn miss out and often put themselves down before they start, scared to fail. So I am determined to follow my own advice, not miss out on opportunities and keep muttering the phrase that I see around the internet by Erin Hanson- 

"But what if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?".

One mini change I made over the weekend was our glass cabinet, which also hoards holds our glassware, bowls and assorted crackers and teabag's (I really have to stop buying tea, I counted 13 boxes!) - B was like hmm what are you doing but now its done he said it does indeed look nice! For me its more wipe cleanable and brightens it up too! I have a whole roll left of the film and keep eyeing things up around the room now!

We started last weeks meal plan on track but on Wednesday ended up post shopping, hungry and lovely Fish n Chip's on the way home! Its a relatively new chippy not far from here and the chips were so delicious! Dangerous! So Wed's meal got moved to Thursday and Friday I was exhausted following a very busy final week and pretty much ate giant cookie for dinner! Me bad! I also had been instructed I had to make lots of cake before I left which kept me busy!

So this week allowing for brain meltdown on Friday around 5pm I have made a simple mealplan, nothing very exciting but it will get us through! B also has an interview this week so hopefully will be a double celebration on Friday night!

Breaded cod, mash, courgettes 
Bratwurst rolls with vegetables (shopping list given to B)
Pesto sausage pasta 
Fish pie, peas 
Chinese to celebrate new job!


  1. Good luck in the new job - it's always exhausting in the beginning. I like the phrase!

    1. Thank you - it was exhausting but thoroughly enjoyable x

  2. You need these simple weeks sometimes. Good luck for the job. We haven't had a fish pie in ages, so that might be due for a dustoff.

    1. Definitely! I get carried away making elaborate plans but end up with supernoodles as I can't comprehend two hours cooking!

      Fish pie was Saturday in the end - worth waiting for as it was delicious! Lovely cod and king prawns nom nom!

  3. Hope the job is going well!? I'm a bit late with my commenting :D Haa! Had a bit of a hectic week last week, only just catching up.
    I hear you on the tea bags, we have a whole draw full of various boxes and there's a load on the top! Tom loves weird tea, he recommends Russian Caravan :D I also agree that people are too scared of being less rigid with their cooking. I just about use scales, but tend to just guess and a lot of recipes it doesn't matter if you are not that accurate.
    I had to look up fibromyalgia, it sounds horrible having to put up with pain all the time :( I used to have a bad back all the time when I was younger (I have a twisted spine) but the pain just seemed to stop as I got older and fingers crossed it doesn't come back. Well I hope the meal plan went well and I'll be back later for this weeks ;)

    1. I honestly love my job! Had a review today and they love me, reassuring as I kinda blagged my way in! Told them I don't want to leave so will have trouble at the end of my secondment! Fortunately they agreed and see me having a future in project management, very promising!

      Ha I am so glad am not the only tea fiend! I have seen that Russian Caravan before but don't think have tried it...

      Guessing is always good, rarely failed that way!

      Hmm yeah fibro is a mare, good days are great, the rest are sofa time! The diagnosis was after about 15 years of hell, I am glad your spine is behaving now and long may it continue!



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