Monday, 10 August 2015

Monday Meal Plan

Apologies for no meal plan last week, I had done a rough one but never managed to get around to posting it! We had some high and lowlights.... A planned salmon and kale parcel thingy looked promising but I sadly under seasoned it thinking the garlic and herb cheese would be enough..and it was a bit meh..and also a pretty bad frozen mango dessert that's inedible..oh and a Szechuan aubergine dish I found online and bookmarked also was a little bland / lacked sauce ..  though it definitely shows promise and I will tweak it to our liking! I did learn at least you are supposed to grind and sieve the Szechuan peppercorns so wasn't all entirely lost! 

Fortunately there were a few decent dishes too, a trusty pasta bake never fails to win affection and fed us well for dinner and lunch! I also did some experimental baking.. more will be revealed shortly! And a rather lovely fruit cake make with vanilla chai tea, a resounding success for my first proper fruit cake and our wonky oven!!

This week is my last week in my current job! I am both scared as I leave behind such a wonderful bunch of friends and yet super excited to start on Monday in my new role! Its a great opportunity for me to shine after in a few rough years and I am sure one that's going to keep me very busy, even more reason to meal plan to save both time and money! I just have to remember to pace myself as yesterday's baking marathon made my legs feel murderous, need to remind myself to sit down more often! Also as soon as I go off plan, off goes the budget too! Last week was not too bad.. I spent around £45 which was a little high but did include a big shop and a few reductions stashed away into the freezer that form most of this week's plan!

Monday - I was very naughty had Mcd's with a friend! Though the dearest is getting fed fish fingers, new potatoes and buttered courgettes

Tuesday - Pork tenderloin with noodles

Wednesday - Creamy baked tortellini with green beans

Thursday - Chicken burgers with potato wedges

Friday - Fish pie made with prawns and cod


  1. Dirty Maccy D's disgraceful! Haa! :) I do like their weird fillet o fish admittedly ;)
    I know what you mean with trying recipes, only to be left with a bland mess. I've noticed a lot of Amercan recipes I've looked at recently on Pinterest have loads of sugar in, fair do's for a dessert, but not in savoury dishes, that's just weird!
    Looking forward to your experimental baking! It's the best type :) the more adventurous I get, the better the results. I used to be so panicked about weighing things exactly and having the right ingredients...those days are long gone and I enjoy baking so much more now!
    Well enjoy your last week in your job, and don't be nervous about moving forward, change is good ;)

    1. Ha me too! Something so wrong but good about a fillet o fish!!

      Hmm not sure about sugar in savoury dishes... I add a little to certain Thai recipes but maybe a teaspoon - am guessing a lot more by your description!!

      The experimental bake is about to go live! I completely agree that once you relax about baking, it gets easier! The recipe definitely is a mix of experience and chuck it together and cross your fingers!

      Thank you again for such a kind comment - change is good but tugs at the heartstrings! I have spent today training my replacement and realise how much I take myself for granted, its not as easy as people think! x


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