Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Spinach and Blue cheese Tortellini bake

Cant believe upon reviewing have never posted this!!

Must be hiding somewhere but if not...

Serves 2 greedys
Prep - 10 mins
Oven - 20 mins

1 standard sized pack spinach and ricotta tortellinis
2 big handfuls of grated mixed hard cheeses, I.e. cheddar and parmesan
2 tbsp approx blue cheese, pref gorganzola, cubed
1 small tub creme fraiche (or low fat one)
s&p to taste
1 egg (optional)
10 'ball's frozen spinach, defrosted or a large bag

1) Boil tortellinis as per instructions, drain well and wilt spinach if using fresh
2) Line a oven tin / dish with the spinach and season lightly, cover with the cooked and drained tortellinis
3) Mix in a bowl the creme fraiche, egg, grated cheeses, season and spoon loosley over the pasta, scatter the blue cheese cubes in the 'gaps' and bake at about 200o for 20-25 minutes or until browned and lovely.

Loosely adapted from a recipe posted in You magazine in 2005.

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