Monday, 25 July 2016

Monday Meal Plan

Well a miracle has happened, after over 3 years of asking my dearest what he would like to eat as I was 'doing the meal plan' I finally got an answer that was not the generic 'noodles' - if anything its a bit less exotic - its my corned beef hash! However, it is rather tasty so I can see why he wants it for dinner! At least that was one night crossed off the plan for the week! I am still on the initial stage of the FODMAP diet - I was busy with work and forgot to book in to see my Dietitian before her holiday - I've misbehaved a little with the odd naughty fruit cider so another week or so on elimination is probably my penance! Overall most of my meals are entirely FODMAP, eating out still remains a nightmare but I just try and choose the lesser of the evils and hope for the best!

Last week was as I thought it might be was a bit hit and miss! In between the mini heatwave that's reddened my skin somewhat and not overly wanting to be stuck in a hot kitchen the plan went a bit AWOL! Oh and the power cut really didn't help things either on Monday night as we ended up with a takeaway! I think we only actually managed two of the five planned dinners though! The gammon buckwheat-otto was lovely, even if after finishing off the dish with some kale, to then find out mum didn't like it was a bit of a backfire and the miso aubergine fell a bit short, having had the oven turn itself off halfway through cooking it never achieved that nice soft yet slightly smoky taste! I am normally quite proud of little food to no waste but one of the leftover aubergine portions with rice did get thrown as I didn't realise B hadn't taken it to work and was well over its keep date by the time I found out!

Anyway, this week hopefully will be a bit cooler and we can stay fairly on track! Over the weekend I tried a few new dishes too - fish cooked en papilotte in the microwave following watching last weeks 'Live well for less' was a real hit and I can see it featuring in our future a lot! After a day out in London I was knackered but my version with salmon and courgette was cooked in 6 minutes, a real win! Also another Halloumi salad proved a winner too, definitely hooked on my two slices allowed on FODMAP!

This weeks plan;

Corned beef hash
(is already in the oven, with a layer of sautéed courgette inside!)

Mixed meat pilaff with buttered kale
(Made before from a Nigella recipe, was planning on having more leftover meat for this but we ate most of it, will be a fridge surprise!)

Slow cooked bbq pork steaks with mash
(Keep forgetting bought some lovely giant pork steaks, going to make them FODMAP suitable)

Basa parcels, sweet potato, green beans
(cooked in the microwave as mentioned before!)

Pork pad thai-rice noodles
(should of been last week but forgot to thaw the meat!)

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